Put under those potato chips and also pick up some pistachios! brand-new research expose the most usual foods that cause weight gain, and the healthier choices that actually help you shed weight.

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Got milk? You’re much better off sticking v skim or low-fat dairy. Participants who ate whole-fat dairy (butter, cheese, and also whole-fat milk) acquired 0.10 pounds.

Food Fact: 8 fluid ounces of regular milk = 149 calories; the same amount that skim milk has actually 83 calories

Yogurt might be the can be fried slimming food. Those who ate it regularly lost an mean of 0.82 pounds.

Food Fact: 5 oz. Plain Greek yogurt = 80 calories

Among the worst criminal in the study were potato chips. People who ate them gained an median of 1.69 pounds.

Food Fact: 1 oz. flat-cut potato chips = 150 calories

We all know that French fries have the right to make us fat — they brought about a 3.35-pound get — however it’s not just the fried variety. Whether boiled, baked, or mashed, every kinds that spuds spurred weight obtain in the study.

Food Fact: Medium small potato = 161 calories

Researchers have actually long turned the benefits of totality grains: They’re an excellent for digestion, cholesterol — and also weight loss, too. Participants that ate them lost 0.37 pounds.

Food Fact: 2 slices of whole-grain bread = 180 calories

Refined seed (white rice, white bread, white pasta, and also all-purpose flour) lack fiber and key nutrients — and also they likewise triggered a 0.39-pound weight gain.

Food Fact: ¼ cup white rice = 145 calories

Soda proceeds to be connected to rising prices of obesity, and also this study additional strengthens the connection. Participants who consumed sugar-sweetened beverages got one pound.

Food Fact: 8 oz cola = 91 calories

The research confirmed that drinking 100 percent fruit juice is just not as an excellent for her weight together eating whole fruits. It caused a 0.31-pound gain.

Food Fact: 8 oz orange juice = 112 calories

Close come 60 percent of american drink diet soda regularly — and many the them think it can aid with weight loss. An excellent news indigenous this research: Diet soda fans lost 0.11 pounds.

Food Fact: 8 oz diet soda = 1 calories; 28 mg sodium

Sweet treats are amongst a dieter’s worst enemies. Yet according come this study, they’re no as negative for friend as, say, a small potato! Still, participants with a sweet tooth witnessed a 0.41-pound load increase.

Food Fact: Hostess chocolate cupcake = 180 calories

Processed meat like hot dogs, bacon, and also deli meat deserve to increase your hazard of heart an illness and details cancers. In this study, they caused a 0.93-pound weight gain.

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Food Fact: 1 slice processed turkey = 35 calories

A diet complete of fat red meat can set the stage for a hold of wellness problems, consisting of obesity, heart disease, also cancer. Participants acquired 0.95 pounds by adding red meat to their diets.