Medically the evaluation by Jillian Kubala, MS, RD, Nutrition — written by Ashley Marcin — to update on February 15, 2021

Your diet can significantly impact your health, including that of her prostate.

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By including healthy, prostate-friendly foods to her diet, you may have the ability to reduce your danger of prostate problems, including prostate cancer.

According come the American Cancer Society, prostate cancer is the most common cancer amongst males, affect 1 in 8 males in the United says (1).

Though the exact function of diet in prostate health isn’t clear, number of theories exist. Some experts believe that the high fat, high sugar Western diet may add to enhanced rates the prostate cancer.

Some research studies have connected both diets high in dairy products and high total calcium intake through food and supplements to a greater risk of emerging prostate cancer. However, an ext research is required to check this attach (1, 2, 3).

When making dietary changes, you will do it still should see your healthcare provider for regular prostate cancer screenings, however you deserve to start sustaining your prostate health by adding the complying with 6 foods to her diet.

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Certain fruits and also vegetables, consisting of tomatoes, contain a powerful antioxidant dubbed lycopene. Part research argues that a diet high in lycopene may assist reduce the risk of arising prostate cancer (4).

Further study is necessary to check a benefit, yet in a review of 24 studies, researchers argued that males who ate an ext tomatoes were much less likely to build prostate cancer (5).

Lycopene might decrease cabinet damage and slow cancer cell production. That an antioxidant, meaning it protects cell from damages (6).

Because lycopene is tightly bound to the cell walls of raw tomatoes, your body has trouble extracting it. Cooked or puréed tomato products may be much better options, such together the complying with products:

tomato pastespaghetti saucesun-dried tomatoestomato juice

How come add an ext tomatoes to her diet

Incorporating more tomato-based recipes into your diet is simple.

There are numerous nutritious tomato dishes come try. Because that example, adding some sun-dried or new tomatoes come salads, eating your eggs v sliced tomatoes or salsa, and also enjoying tomato-based soups are excellent ways to boost your lycopene intake.

In the summer months, you have the right to buy fresh, local tomatoes to include to sandwiches and also chop into salads.

Drinking plain tomato juice every morning is another good option. Simply make certain to pick a low sodium variety.


Tomatoes save on computer a an effective antioxidant dubbed lycopene that might reduce prostate cancer risk.

Broccoli is a vegetable that contains many facility compounds that may help protect some civilization from cancer.

Some studies imply there’s a link between the lot of cruciferous vegetables girlfriend eat — a group that consists of broccoli — and also a lower prostate cancer threat (7).

The reasons are still unclear, but researchers suggest that part phytochemicals in these vegetables — including sulforaphane, i m sorry broccoli sprouts save on computer concentrated amounts of — selectively target and also kill cancer cells while leaving common prostate cell healthy and also unaffected (8).

Other cruciferous vegetables incorporate cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and also kale.

How come add an ext broccoli to your diet

You can add broccoli come stir-fries, soups, and also salads, or merely eat it raw or steamed.

If girlfriend worry around fresh vegetables walking bad, take into consideration buying frozen broccoli so the you can cook it anytime you have actually the time.


Broccoli has sulforaphane and other anticancer compounds the selectively target and kill cancer cells.

People have actually been using eco-friendly tea for its health and wellness benefits for thousands of years. Researchers have carried out many research studies on its impacts on cancer.

Evidence says that unique compounds in eco-friendly tea may reduce the threat of prostate cancer by affecting tumor growth, cabinet death, and also hormone signaling (9, 10).

The complying with compounds might explain the health benefits of eco-friendly tea (11):

xanthine derivativesepigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)epicatechin

How come add much more green tea to her diet

If you prefer the taste of environment-friendly tea, start by drink a cup each morning in ar of your consistent coffee.

If you choose to skip caffeine, try a decaffeinated version. If you don’t like heat tea, shot cooling it in your refrigerator and including ice because that a refresh beverage.

If you no a fan of the taste, try using cooled environment-friendly tea together the liquid in homemade smoothies, or including green tea powder.


Green tea contains a range of compounds, including an effective antioxidants, the could help fight cancer.

Legumes room a food group that includes beans, peanuts, and lentils. Legumes save biologically active plant compounds well-known as phytoestrogens.

Isoflavones are one together phytoestrogen. One review discovered that human being who ate the most phytoestrogens had a 20% reduced risk that prostate cancer 보다 the team with the shortest intake (12).

The cancer-fighting effects of phytoestrogens may come from their antioxidant properties and effects ~ above hormone regulation and cell death.

While there’s still a require for more conclusive research, some research study has attached soybean isoflavones with reduced prostate cancer hazard (13).

The nationwide Cancer institute (NCI) reflects a link in between the consumption of soy and also reduced levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) (14).

PSA is a protein developed by the prostate. The PSA test, which procedures the level the PSA in your blood, is supplied as a screening test because that prostate cancer.

This research additionally seemed to show that soy was an ext effective when eaten together with other cancer-fighting foods.

How come add an ext legumes and also soybeans to your diet

To add an ext legumes and also soybeans to your diet, think about swapping meat because that plant protein in at the very least some meals. This might mean do the efforts Meatless Mondays or relocating toward a plant-based diet.

Try do a black color bean citizens with numerous veggies. Alternatively, homemade hummus make with blended chickpeas provides a delicious dip because that vegetables or totality grain bread.

Finally, tofu is fantastic source the soy. Try flavoring tofu through sauces and also baking that or browning it on the stove, or including it come stir-fries.


Legumes, consisting of soybeans, save on computer compounds dubbed phytoestrogens, i m sorry may assist suppress tumor growth.

Like eco-friendly tea, pomegranates space a rich source of antioxidants.

Pomegranate juice has a reputation as a supervisor fruit as result of its high levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants may help prevent chronic illness related to oxidative stress.

The NCI claims that pomegranate juice and some the its bioactive contents may assist inhibit the proliferation that prostate cancer cell (15).

Animal and also test-tube research studies have found that pomegranate juice and extract inhibit the production of some prostate cancer cells, though an ext research is essential in humans (16, 17).

How come add an ext pomegranate juice to your diet

You deserve to buy pomegranate juice at most grocery stores. If drink the juice plain is as well intense, consider diluting the with plain water or adding some sparkling water.

You deserve to also add pomegranate seed to homemade salad dressing come sweeten up your favorite salad.


Pomegranates room high in antioxidants. Animal and also test-tube studies have presented that pomegranate juice can inhibit the production of part prostate cancer cells.

Polyunsaturated fats, consisting of omega-3s and also omega-6s, are essential fatty acids found exclusively in the diet. They are not synthesized by the body.

The traditional Western diet has a the majority of omega-6 fat acids but not many omega-3s. Having a balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is attached to much better health outcomes (18).

Several reviews have actually reported that while there may be a link between greater omega-3 fat consumption and a lower risk the high-grade prostate cancer and also prostate cancer mortality, an ext research is needed, especially human researches (19, 20, 21).

Fatty fish have actually plenty the other wellness benefits. Shot eating fatty fish uncovered in cold waters to rise your omega-3 intake. These include:


How to add much more fish to your diet

Adding much more omega-3s to her diet have the right to be as simple as cracking open up a have the right to of sardines or tuna. Not everyone is so enthusiastic about fish, though. Plus, the can also be expensive.

If you haven’t took pleasure in fish in the past, try a various type. Each one has actually a unique flavor. The smell is additionally milder if the fish is fresh, for this reason you might enjoy fish an ext if girlfriend buy it from a fish counter and also make it the day.

Cod, flounder, and also trout have milder flavors. Shot topping your fish v a lemon sauce or adding it to an additional prostate-friendly food. Because that example, friend could shot baked ko in a tomato sauce.

To stretch her dollar, you deserve to also include fish to dishes favor pasta, soup, salad, or sandwiches. That way you won’t require as much fish to make a complete meal.

You can additionally ask your health care provider around taking omega-3 supplements.


Fatty fish, such as salmon and mackerel, save on computer healthful omega-3 fatty acids. These compounds may help keep the prostate healthy, though an ext studies are needed.

Foods the contain necessary compounds may help keep your prostate healthy and reduce your danger of prostate cancer. Still, researchers must conduct many an ext studies come know precisely how diet affects prostate health.

It’s a good idea to examine in through your healthcare provider before making dietary changes, specifically if she receiving treatment for prostate cancer. This is because details foods may communicate with various drugs and therapies.

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That said, most of the item on this list are nutritious. Eating these foods as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle can assist keep your whole body healthy.