If experience has taught us anything, it’s the drinking top top an north stomach is a decidedly negative idea, as the risk oftexting “hey u up” to your ex and/or waking up the next morningin Reno rises exponentially. Yet conversely, pregaming v a bunch that wholesome, real foods will help youdrink more, remain up longer, ward turn off a hangover, and keep usually regrettable habits at bay.

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We speak to 3 registered dietitian nutritionists and also spokespeople because that the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to find out precisely what to eat prior to you go out drinking. Psychic this list the next time you take into consideration stuffingyour pre-party confront hole with ahandful ofrainbow Doritos and also a hot Pocket.

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“Alcohol changes your body’s stores of glycogen, a quick energy resource stored in the liver,” Maples says. Carbs aid your glycogen levels continue to be full, and your stomach. The nutritionist says you pregame through pasta primavera, yet no one’s gonna balk if you do these meatballs instead.


“Protein-rich foodstuffs take much longer to digest, which slows how quick your blood alcohol level goes up,” Maples says. A chicken sandwich is the premier mix that protein and carbs—just make certain to pick a “poultry portion that"s about the size of her palm,” because only a small serving is necessary.


Sure, that a little tough to pronounce, however that’s irrelevant when pointing out its protein and fiber power. Ahigh-fiber meal that consists of quinoa“slows the stomach’s emptying time, which help ensure that alcohol’s results don"t sneak up and surprise you,” claims Maples.


The green, pear-shaped fruit you can mash tomake the perfect guacamole is invited with healthy and balanced fats, which room “digested an ext slowly than carbs,” says Maples. Agree tip: they’re also terrific on the grill.

Almond butter

Like avocado, almond butter is chock-full of good fats, and also will assist “slow the absorb of alcohol,” saysKristi L. King, MPH, RDN, CNSC, LD. So hit up entirety Foods (or just around anyplace else).


All the lazy civilization with nothing in their houses but cereal and milk are in luck. Not in happy in general since it should suck to live in a home with so couple of snack choices, but lucky because cereal tends to be fiber-rich, particularly ones like Grape-Nuts, and that’ll “provide a good buffer because that the alcohol, and also will slow-moving its absorption.” Larson proposal low-fat milk, because it’s healthy, and also not since she think you’re fat.

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The incredible, edible food that certainly came before the chicken is not only one of the best foods come cure your hangover, it’s additionally one the the finest foods to eat prior to you execute things that reason you to acquire one in the first place. That’s as result of its “essential amino acids needed to help breakdown some of the alcohol,” follow to King.

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