Whether you"ve acquired a stomach bug, a condition like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or simply drank too numerous margs last night, your first instinct is probably to fill up on saltine crackers and ginger ale. (Anyone else? just me?)

After all, no one desires to eat the dorn thing and also make an currently angry stomach even...angrier.

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"When her stomach is upset, you desire to make sure you"re doing everything to minimize the symptoms and feel better," says dietitian Valerie Goldberg, RD. "You want easy-to-digest food. It"s finest to avoid anything high in fiber or fat, and also to rod with basic carbohydrates and lean protein sources that the body can breakdown easily."

Since stomach concerns can signal an ext serious underlying wellness problems, seek clinical attention ASAP if an upset stomach lasts much longer than three days or so, says Goldberg. In the meantime, though, the following gut-friendly foods can aid ease her queasiness and also minimize emergency sprints come the bathroom.

1. White Rice

Low in fiber and high in straightforward carbohydrates, white rice is straightforward to digest—a significant plus as soon as your stomach is top top the fritz, claims Goldberg. It"s particularly settling if you"re nauseous

Eat up: Goldberg recommends pairing white rice v an easy-to-absorb, simple protein prefer grilled chicken. If the feels as well heavy, cook your rice in bone broth for included protein and also flavor, or include collagen powder to it.

2. Bananas

With your soft and also comforting texture, bananas are basic to absorb and also digest. Plus, their soluble fiber helps, well, thicken points up, if you’re enduring from diarrhea, says Goldberg. Just avoid "em if you"re emotion nauseous; the smell might make you feeling worse if you"re not typically a banana fan.

Eat up: Goldberg recommends slowly noshing top top frozen bananas, due to the fact that the cooling impact is reassuring for her tum. Once you"re feeling a little better, shot DIY “nice cream” by frozen banana, dates, and a dash the cinnamon.

3. Kombucha



Drink up: Kombucha often tends to come in funky flavors, so choose whichever you"re most likely to sip on. Goldberg’s favourite flavor: health Ade"s Ginger Lemon, which level up the zing that your usual ginger ale.

4. Greek yogurt

No dairy product issues? Greek yogurt deserve to actually be super reassuring for her stomach. Prefer kombucha, yogurt consists of probiotics, i beg your pardon can help support a healthy gut. (No wonder it"s a go-to for civilization taking antibiotics!)

Eat up: because simple, plain foods items settle ideal when you have actually an upset stomach, eat your Greek yogurt directly from the container, without any type of crazy add-ons, claims Goldberg. You can get ago to the granola- and also nut butter-topped parfaits once you feel better.

5. Applesauce


There"s a factor hospitals frequently give applesauce to gastrointestinal surgical procedure patients, claims Goldberg. Applesauce contains pectin, a thickening fiber uncovered in apples, which functions wonders as soon as you have diarrhea. Plus, it"s basic to get down once you don"t feel choose chewing much.

Eat up: If girlfriend don’t have any issues with dairy, Goldberg proposal mixing some applesauce with level Greek yogurt for a meal that"s basic to eat and provides protein.

6. Tea

Get your mug ready: according to Goldberg, tea is supervisor soothing once you have a stomach ache. Peppermint tea, in particular, has been presented to help with indigestion, when ginger tea includes flavonoids through medicinal properties.

Drink up: “If you’re managing nausea, try iced ginger tea v fresh mint,” states Goldberg. Simply drink the unsweetened, due to the fact that many sweeteners (especially the fabricated ones) traction water right into the colon and can do you feeling worse.

7. Saltine crackers

Clearly mommy was onto something through her childhood stomach pains remedies! when saltines aren"t specifically super nutritious, they contain practically zero fiber, fat, and sugar, which provides them simple to digest and also easy ~ above a weak stomach, claims Goldberg.

Eat up: “Pair saltines v soup that has actually some vegetables and also a protein, choose chicken,” says Goldberg. Avoid any type of soups that count on plant-based resources of protein favor tempeh or beans, i beg your pardon are higher in fiber and also may cause extr tummy issues.

8. Sweet potatoes

Another stomach-loving carb, sweet potatoes are rich in easy-to-digest starch. “The bonus is that they’re high in potassium, i m sorry is important for restoring electrolytes lost in diarrhea or vomiting,” says Goldberg.

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When water doesn"t appeal, coconut water includes far less inflammation-inducing street than traditional juices, follow to Goldberg. Plus, favor sweet potatoes, it’s also filled with the electrolyte potassium.

Drink up: Sip ~ above coconut water together desired, and add a dash the salt to aid your human body retain fluids.

10. Cooking vegetables

Cooking vegetables provides them less complicated for your stomach to rest down, which method it can go straightforward on stomach mountain production—a significant plus if you"re no feeling well, says Goldberg. Cooked or not, just stay far from cruciferous vegetables favor cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and also cauliflower, i m sorry are typically harder to digest.

Eat up: Boil your veggies lightly, include a dash that salt to replenish any lost sodium, and chew thoroughly. “The first part of cradle is chewing, and most world don’t chew enough,” states Goldberg. Her veggies have to be the consistency of applesauce before you sloop down "em.

11. Chicken soup

Good news: Chicken soup is great for more than simply the soul. In fact, the salt in chicken soup can help replenish electrolytes, if the collagen protein in the stock (assuming it"s actual stock made native chicken bones) can help heal the gut lining, Goldberg says.

Slurp up: chef up pieces of chicken and also vegetables, favor carrots and also zucchini, in either homemade or store-bought chicken stock.

12. Bread

One that the reasons you crave carbs as soon as you"re hungover: the simple, quick-digesting carbohydrates discovered in bread can help settle the stomach, claims Goldberg.

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Warm, comforting oatmeal is a good source of dissolve fiber, according to Goldberg—so it"s an additional life-saver as soon as food seems to go ideal through you.

Eat up: save your bowl straightforward and chef your oats in plain ol" water. "You can also add a protein powder the you currently know agrees through your body,” says Goldberg. Otherwise, avoid any funky add-ins.

14. Eggs

If friend need basic source of protein while riding the stomach struggle bus, go with eggs. "They contain all of the essential amino acids that get soaked up into ours muscles,” says Goldberg. Plus, the yolks contain healthy and balanced fats that can also aid fast-track healing.

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Eat up: Goldberg recommends food preparation your eggs in whatever means most appeals to you. Since your immune system may not be in ~ it"s best, chef your yolks all the means through as an extra precaution.

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