The recommended daily intake (RDI) for salt in adults is 2,300 mg/day. For human being with chronic kidney condition (CKD), a lower sodium input of under 2,000 mg/day is recommended—though just your doctor deserve to tell friend what"s ideal for you. On average, the day-to-day sodium intake because that Americans is around 3,400 mg/day, and you might be spend much an ext than you even realize. To help protect your health, it"s necessary to become conscious of her salt intake and to emphasis on selecting low sodium foods, if limiting foods items high in sodium.

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The impacts of too lot sodium

Sodium intake can have a huge impact on her health, particularly if you"re living with chronic kidney condition (CKD). Too much sodium contributes to fluid buildup, i beg your pardon can cause high blood pressure and stress on her body. Civilization with kidney disease are currently at risk for liquid buildup, well-known as hypervolemia, because their kidney aren"t functioning well sufficient to eliminate excess fluids as properly as healthy and balanced kidneys would. Eat too much salt have the right to make liquid retention worse.

The an excellent news is the there are numerous things you can do to assist manage her salt and also fluids. One huge step is learning which high sodium foods to watch out for-and which low sodium foods to choose instead.


Get basic tips for selecting low- or no-sodium foods items to assist you stay your healthiest. See just how to shake turn off the salt.


varies from 150–900 mg per serving

Ketchup and barbecue sauce can include over 150 mg every tablespoon. Soybean beans sauce can include a chuck 900 mg of salt per tablespoon.


400 mg per ¼ cup offer

Tomato sauce can make one otherwise healthy and balanced dish high in sodium—it shows up in pastas, pizzas, soups and also more.


varies, up to 690 mg per serving

some seasoning blends incorporate salt whereby you can not expect it, choose Cajun spices or ramen seasonings.


varies, approximately 300 mg every ½ cup serving

some canned vegetables space packed with salt. Be certain to choose “no added salt” options.


varies, as much as 440 mg every ¼ cup serving

Drinking her vegetables can be an extremely high in sodium. Look at for short sodium alternatives instead.


785 mg in a medium pickle

Pickles room made by keeping vegetables in brine, which is a salt solution—making castle a really high-sodium food.


varies, around 220 mg or an ext per 1 cup serving

even “healthy” choices can have actually as lot as 580 mg in a cup. Read food labels to discover low sodium options.


varies, 400–2,000 mg per serving

do your very own pancakes at house from scratch or a low salt mix can aid you manage the salt.


800–1,000 mg or more per 1 cup serving

Cottage cheese is a low-calorie, high-protein food. The can also be high in sodium, so choose a low sodium option.


270 mg every 1 oz slice

A slice of American cheese has lots the sodium. Mozzarella or Monterey Jack are reduced sodium options.


500–1,000 mg every 2 oz serving

handle meats can contain many salt, plus preventive that additionally contain sodium. Look for “no salt added” or “lower sodium” options. 


up to 800 mg every 3 oz serving

Buy new shrimp if you deserve to or examine labels to stop frozen shrimp with included salt or sodium.


varies, approximately 800 mg per cup

shot low sodium varieties to do your own soup at residence with low sodium broth.


varies, 500–800 mg or more per slice

Pizza combines several perhaps high salt foods—tomato sauce, cheese and also sausage or pepperoni. Choose fresh veggie toppings instead.


varies, approximately 2,325 mg or more

Cured meats and also condiments include up to too much sodium. Opt because that low salt meats, cheeses and fresh veggies.

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varies, up to 1,300 mg per dinner

Be certain to check out food labels and compare options, therefore you can make healthy choices.