The legitimate ordeal the a California high school football star was turned into a meme the misrepresented crucial details the his case.

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Published2 February 2018

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It is true that financial institutions was thought about a solid football possibility as a college student at lengthy Beach Polytechnic High School prior to he was arrested and also charged in 2002 for allegedly raping a classmate, Wanetta Gibson. Financial institutions was convicted after taking a plea agreement calling because that him come serve 5 years in prison and another five in probation, and registering together a sex offender.

However, there room discrepancies between his case and also the story advocated by the meme; because that instance, Gibson did no “confess ~ above Facebook” that she fabricated the allegation. However, she did usage the social media communication to contact financial institutions in 2011. The two met face-to-face with a private investigator present, at which suggest she admitted to fabricating the accusation versus him.

Banks — who had actually by that point already served 5 years and also two months in prison, fairly than the “six years” listed in the meme — enlisted the aid of an advocacy group, the California Innocence Project. CIP controlling attorney Michael A. Semanchik told us via e-mail that for five months, the group accumulated evidence, included statements from both Gibson and also her friends demonstrating the her allegations had actually been invented.

Semanchik included that Gibson subsequently admitted in human to prosecutors the she had actually lied, bring about the charges against Banks gift dismissed in march 2012. Banks’ condition as a sex offender was likewise rescinded. He went on come play skilled football in the united Football League and National football League before going top top to occupational for the NFL itself. That has additionally been a clearly shows supporter that the California Innocence Project.

In June 2013, Gibson to be ordered by a Los Angeles remarkable Court referee to repay the $1.5 million settlement awarded to she from a separate lawsuit versus the lengthy Beach Unified school District, also as second $1.1 million in fees. Gibson had actually sued the district claiming that it to be unsafe for her as a result of being attacked by Banks.

While Gibson fabricated she account of being assaulted, research reflects that such instances space rare; a 2012 report by the national Sexual Violence source Center (NSVRC) found that while false reports make up between 2 and 10 percent of total rape reports, 63 percent the sexual assaults are not reported to authorities. NSVRC spokesperson Laura Palumbo told united state this can create much more issues for those who have been sexually assaulted:

The ubiquity of false report of sexual violence is low, however still as soon as survivors come forward, many confront scrutiny or conference barriers. Once the rare situation of a false report is misrepresented together a common occurrence, this creates added barriers because that victims comes forward. Misconceptions around false report rates have direct, an unfavorable consequences and also can add to why plenty of victims don’t report sex-related assaults.

Banks himself has voiced assistance for sexual attack survivors. In June 2016 he criticized the truth that Stanford university student Brock Turner only received a six-month sentence because that rape:

I would say it’s a situation of privilege. It seems choose the judge based his decision ~ above lifestyle. He’s live such a good life and has never experienced anything significant in his life that would prepare him for prison. He to be sheltered so lot he wouldn’t have the ability to survive prison. What about the son who has actually nothing, he struggles to eat, battles to acquire a fair education? What about the boy who has actually no an option who the is born to and also has drug-addicted parents or a non-parent household? whereby is the factor to consider for them once they commit a crime?

In December 2017, he claimed that attack survivors seeking justice “should have the opportunity to perform so.” He additionally said that had actually the frosting of constraints not expired for Gibson’s perjury, the would have pressed charges versus her:

Part of my life was taken away since of her. But much more importantly, you need to go after human being like this due to the fact that a human such together herself renders it harder for a woman who is raped to come forward confidently and also share your story and also hope something is done around what occurred to them. They should have the ability to expect to it is in believed.

Banks showed up on the Oxygen network in January 2018 as a co-host because that the true crime display Final Appeal.

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He also co-produced a movie based upon his case, slated for relax in 2018.