CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) – Baltimore Ravens linebacker and also former Ohio State Buckeye Malik Harrison was shot if in Cleveland Sunday night.

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Harrison to be attending a gathering, according to the Ravens, as soon as he to be shot in the foot by a stray bullet.

He was required to the hospital and is meant to return to Baltimore Monday.

The Ravens to speak the injury is non-life-threatening.

FOX 8 crews were at the scene at E. 12th and Rockwell Ave. On Sunday around 9 p.m.

According come a police report, policemans heard more than a dozen shots together they arrived on the scene.

An off-duty officer alerted officers on the step to the suspects’ car description.

Officers gone after the vehicle and also the driver at some point stopped.

Four guys in the car are dealing with charges.

Three were taken to the Cuyahoga ar Jail.

Another doubt was required to the hospital through a head injury.

Police arrested the doubt on dues of inducing panic, vandalism, improper taking care of of a firearm in a engine vehicle.

Officers found multiple loaded firearms with chambered ring in the vehicle, according to a police report.

Sex offender arrested for means he greeted trick-or-treaters, police say

The suspects have actually been figured out as Steven Donnell Coulter Jr. Of Zanesville, 30, Darius McDonald the Blacklick, 26, Donnelle Deangelo Dearmond the Columbus, 26, and also Lance S. Brown II that Columbus, 28.

Donnelle Deangelo Dearmond Steven Donnell, Courtesy: Cuyahoga county Jail
Darius McDonald, Courtesy: Cuyahoga county Jail
Steven Donnell Coulter Jr., Courtesy: Cuyahoga ar Jail

Brown is gift treated in ~ the hospital.

No native on what caused his injury.

Malik Harrison, 23, play at Ohio State beginning in 2016.

He was drafted by the Ravens in the 3rd round in 2020.

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