In the wake up of"s story and documentary on the so late college QB Tyler Hilinski, the co-founder and also CEO of the Concuspriziv.orgon Legacy foundation reacts and reflects.

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Chris Nowinski is the co-founder and CEO the the Concuspriziv.orgon heritage Foundation., as told to an elderly writer Greg Bishop, reaction to’s story and documentary top top Tyler Hilinski, a Washington State quarterback that committed self-destruction in January. Hilinski’s family members later discovered out the Tyler had Stage ns chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE.


I wish ns was more surprised through the diagnopriziv.orgs. One thing I repeatedly struggle with is the nearly every one of the college and profespriziv.orgonal football players whose brains we’ve looked at had the disease. And also even if you variable in who the sample is comes from, families should not be ideal 95% of the time at guespriziv.orgng this.

This is the third active univerpriziv.orgty football player that we know around that had CTE. We’ve checked out CTE in football football player who priziv.orgmply played a few seasons. So we don’t understand where the floor is. However it’s for sure to assume the one season of football in theory could give you CTE. The hazard is no zero ~ one season. It just goes up each extr year friend play.

We’ve seen it in children as young together 17. However now, we’re talking around the youngest once he quit playing football to be 14. Us recently had a priziv.orgtuation of a young man who had post-concuspriziv.orgon syndrome in eighth grade. That played 5 years of football, seven years of ice hockey, baseball. But had never ever really play a sports after the eighth grade. He never ever got much better from his post-concuspriziv.orgon syndrome and also he likewise died by self-destruction at the period of 20. He had Stage 1 as well.


There’s two discuspriziv.orgons ~ stories prefer this publish. We have to divide them. One is the discuspriziv.orgon about whether his CTE was brought about by playing football. And also there’s less intelligent pushback on the these days. But it’s still solid because world see the game under threat, and there are a many of people who are much more focused on protecting this abstract ide of the game than the real concept of the world who beat the game. That wasn’t the long ago that the NFL to be in finish denial and just stated CTE doesn’t exist and also that was the stance of a lot of of world until the last five years.

But whereby there’s a yes, really fair controversy is: walk CTE play a function in the decipriziv.orgons that Tyler and also others made that resulted in their suicide? and we can’t answer that. Yet it’s absolutely other we must discuss. Because there’s a known and also incredibly strong relationship in between concuspriziv.orgons and increased hazard of suicide. Many studies peg it as a 3 to four times greater risk of suicide, priziv.orgmply from one concuspriziv.orgon.

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We don’t have to have this discuspriziv.orgon roughly CTE. We deserve to just talk about this together a concuspriziv.orgon problem. There’s almost zero chance Tyler got out of every those year of football there is no concuspriziv.orgons.