The 21st execution of the FIFA Football human being Cup kicked turn off in Russia on June 14.
Russia asserted the football civilization Cup open on Thursday at an understated awareness in Moscow headlined by British pop star Robbie Williams and also Russian soprano Aida Garifullina.

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The 15-minute show created by Russia’s state Channel One broke from human being Cup tradition, concentrating on musical acts consisting of a performance of Pyotr Tchaikovsky in former of complete stands at the capital’s main Luzhniki stadium.

Spanish footballer Iker Casillas and Russian supermodel and also philanthropist Natalia Vodianova brought the people Cup trophy onto the key in a louis Vuitton travel case.

Robbie Williams performed hits, allow Me entertain You and Rock DJ, attach by dancers and also freestylers.

He to be joined in a duet by Garifullina, a soloist native the Vienna State Opera, who gotten in the key on a firebird, to sing Williams’ hit tune Angels.

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The opened ceremony adhered to by a match between the hold team and Saudi Arabia.


The civilization Cup opened ceremony kicked off fifty percent an hour before the first game.

Russia welcomed fans from across the world for the opened ceremony the the people Cup top top Thursday.

Robbie Williams is seen during the opening ceremony before the 2018 FIFA world Cup Russia team A match in between Russia and also Saudi Arabia at Luzhniki Stadium.

Performers throughout the opened ceremony.

The world Cup opened ceremony to be awash v colour, dancing and also singing.
Thirty-two groups will duke over the next one month because that the biggest prize in civilization football.
Russian chairman Vladimir Putin spoke moments prior to kick-off.
The 64 matches will be played in 12 stadiums throughout 11 cities.
Russia is hosting the football civilization Cup because that the very first time.
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