For Honor: Grudge & Glory

Grudge & Glory has actually been unleashed! The Faction War has actually been updated, two brand-new Heroes and also two new free Maps have been included along with more Territories, new Gear, much more new content and also a brand-new duel competition competitive feature roughly the corner. Relax Date: august 15th, 2017


2 brand-new Heroes

Grudge & Glory brings united state two brand-new Heroes right into the Viking and also Knight Factions: The Highlander and also The Gladiator. The new Heroes are automatically unlocked for Season pass owners with exclusive access granted for 7 days. Every players can then unlock the Heroes with Steel after the exclusive duration ends.

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2 new Maps

The Faction War has actually spilled into two brand-new maps: the treacherous Viking village map and the middle ages Sentinel map. Both maps will certainly be totally free for every players.

Explore Viking VillageDiscover Sentinel

World map : new Territories

With Grudge and Glory, 9 new Territories will be included to the people Map v the consists of both new maps being obtainable on the fronts. Season 3 also brings a brand-new tool for warriors to deploy their battle assets much more efficiently called the "War Banner". There will certainly be brand-new Customization alternatives for all Heroes v the development of a new Gear rarity, brand-new Armor and Weapon components and brand-new Appearance items.

Battle Pass

The coming of unending rains led the Vikings to think that Aegir and also Ran, the divine beings of the sea, were listening. Legends said that the married couple ruled end the oceans, and also that your generosity came from offerings. Because that Chimera, this intended honoring Ran by respecting nature. Yet Aegir demanded blood… and Horkos were much more than happy come provide. For Honor's Y5S3: Tempest battle Pass will certainly be available starting on September 9th.

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New Hero: Kyoshin

Before the good drought, the Kyoshin to be rumored come be master of disguise – they might be anyone, anywhere. Some warriors doubted they even existed. Yet the great catastrophes and brand-new conflicts in Heathmoor forced the Kyoshin to leaving their temple. While countless warriors shot to pick between an excellent and evil, the Kyoshin are figured out to store the balance that nature and also will join any type of side to attain their goal.

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