In so late August that 2019, Australian Christian duo for King & nation enlisted nation icon Dolly Parton for a remix that their tune "God just Knows." It was a enhance made in heaven: brothers Joel and also Luke Smallbone were eager to collaborate with Parton after ~ seeing she Netflix film Dumplin', and Parton was looking for an ext faith-based material.

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Even before Parton gained involved, "God just Knows" was a hit, though: The original version the the song hit No. 2 ~ above the Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart, logging a document 19 main in the spot and staying top top the chart for 60 weeks in total; it additionally spent 10 weeks at No. 1 on the Christian Airplay chart. And, once Parton obtained involved, the track cracked the Billboard hot 100 (No. 94) -- a first for because that King & Country.

Parton isn't the song's just Nashville tie, either: because that King & nation co-wrote "God only Knows" with Music City-based authors Josh Kerr, Jordan Reynolds and Tedd Tjornhom. Below, Kerr share the story behind the song, and also his time in the studio with Parton.

It's funny, because that how often I write country that, friend know, then i go in through the Christian guys. 'Cause ns really simply wanted come write v For King & Country; that's what I want to perform so bad. And so i went in -- and also I was raised on Christian music -- so I just actually feeling like, girlfriend know, currently in mine life, I essential to be composing some Christian music. That's type of how I to be raised, and so i went in with them and we ended up creating "God only Knows" ...

Writing the song was -- it to be amazing. Us all walk in and also we all had actually no idea the battles that -- We every had various stuff walk on in our stays that the other people maybe didn't know about, i beg your pardon is the most ironic component about writing that song, 'cause, literally, it's "God only knows what you've to be through and also what you're going through," and we were every going through different things without discovering it, writing this song.

And the just became something that us -- us honestly didn't even know what it to be gonna be, and also it maintained evolving, and we obtained to placed Dolly Parton ~ above it, and it's exceptional to be part of that. Oh, yeah, it was insane . I proved up three hours early; i was like, "There's no way I'm gonna it is in late," so i sat in my auto for a long time, just, like, in situation of part freak accident or other ...

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I go in, and within 5 minutes of meeting her, she's like, "Alright, I need you to song this track with me. Like, appropriate now."

And ns was like, "Just us?" and there were guitars around, so i was kind of getting to for a guitar. And also she goes, "No, no, simply me and also you, a cappella."

I to be like, "Oh ... Kay." therefore I just sang v Dolly Parton within 5 minutes of meeting her. Yet she's such a pro; she would have actually sang it a million time if she required to. She'll simply sing that 'til it's right ... It to be amazing. She's the sweetest, sweetest mrs on the whole planet.