Four-time GRAMMY award-winning duo for KING & nation makes a an effective statement v their much-anticipated 3rd album, Burn the Ships, one epic, sweeping musical landscape that explores themes of new beginnings, forgiveness, hope, and also love.

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The inspiring pop masterpiece also represents the amazing adventure right into unchartered territory for brothers Joel and also Luke Smallbone, who were propelled right into superstardom through the relax of their critically acclaimed sophomore album, run WILD. LIVE FREE. LOVE STRONG., i beg your pardon debuted in ~ No. 1 top top iTunes and also was certified gold. In addition to winning two GRAMMYs and also four Dove Awards, the duo performed worldwide on a hugely effective 60-date arena tour.

They have garnered 4 No. 1s (“joy,” “Priceless,” “Fix mine Eyes,” and also “Shoulders”), nine peak 10 hits, and also had songs featured top top the Emmys, at sight Bowl, Sunday Night Football and many other high-profile events, consisting of performances top top The this evening Show, Today and also Jimmy Kimmel Live!

But as they disclose in Burn the Ships, over there is no feather back, no relaxing on their laurels. Over there is much more to explore and also explain, especially throughout this time of great unrest once answers don’t seem automatically apparent. With a new level the vulnerability and also honesty, they wrote every track on this project, i m sorry they additionally co-produced through longtime collaborators Aqualung, Tedd T. And also Seth Mosely. “It isn’t perfect – much from it – however there is a sense of truthfulness and a heart and a personality and also an ideology behind this record,” Joel says. “It feels like the most mature version of for KING & COUNTRY.”

The title monitor was motivated by a 1500s Spanish explorer who boldly landed his ships on adversary shores without any type of knowledge that what awaited his arrival. To ensure the the males were committed to your mission, that proclaimed, “Burn the ships!” The only method to go was onward; retreat was no an option.

“That is the big statement that this repertoire of song is making,” claims Luke. “We don’t desire to live in the past; we desire to relocate forward. There room things in everybody’s pasts the you have actually to gain rid of—in some instances physically burn and in other instances you just need to get rid of them yet you can emotionally. For us, that is the name that represents this repertoire of art and also work best.”

These songs fit in perfectly v today’s popular music music arena, where artists varying from Kesha to Drake are experimenting themes of religion, prayer and also God. The Smallbones’ words room a reassuring salve because that a hurting country in need of healing.

“People room hungry for truth and also hope,” Luke says. “I don’t think they desire something the is false. So once it comes to world seeking the end God, they are receptive due to the fact that they are trying to number out what is true and also real. Ns think that is a good thing. I hope our music deserve to play a role in that, however ultimately people have to figure it out for themselves.”

Burn the Ships might be the duo’s most personal work to date because the song are about some of the many meaningful and terrifying moment of your lives. For instance, “Need you More” was motivated by the near-death of Luke’s infant son, Leo. His mam Courtney uncovered Leo in his crib, blue from not breathing. She began CPR if praying over their son, who soon came ago to life. If driving come the hospital, the words, “I require you more/more than ever before,” involved Luke, who hit document on his phone. That original recording, including sounds from the car, was consisted of in the last mix.

“My expect is the if I have actually gone with some type of suffering, perhaps there is someone rather who has gone with something similar who can take a bit of hope the there was someone else as with them,” Luke says. “I feel choose God has given me these struggles to re-superstructure those stories.”

“joy.” was inspired by Luke’s late-night marathon scrolling with social media. “I couldn’t articulate in that moment why i was sad, but it sent out me ~ above a pilgrimage, and also that is where ‘joy’ come from.” i realized I required to carry out something if I want to have joy. Ns can’t simply scroll and find it.”

While “Fight On, Fighter” continues the duo’s focus on a woman’s worth, the is first and foremost a musical letter of assistance to their wives.

Joel and also Luke, who have come to be American citizens, learned about hope, love and support from their tight-knit family. Your parents elevated seven children in Sydney, Australia, before moving come Nashville in 1991. Music came to be the family members business. Their charismatic father to be a music promoter and sister Rebecca St. James came to be a effective Christian music artist, for this reason the duo’s teen years were spent working as part of her road crew.

When Luke to be 19 and Joel was 21, they developed a band and began writing and recording the human body of job-related that would become for KING & COUNTRY. Lock released their debut album, Crave, in 2012 and also won brand-new Artist that the Year in ~ the 2013 Dove Awards, whereby they received six nominations.

In what has become a full-circle moment, they composed “Never give Up” through sister Rebecca because that the brand-new album. When novices, lock are now their sister’s peers and have a shared expertise of the obstacles of being frequently away indigenous home. “We learned the handmade of music and also fell in love with it ~ above the road with Rebecca, “ Joel says. “In part ways, for KING & nation is a heritage band of Rebecca’s. The a real special moment to have the ability to have that an imaginative collaboration after all of these years v her.”

The album’s design template of adventure and also exploration end poetically v “Pioneers,” a lush song about the romance and realities of permanent commitment. Fittingly, wives Moriah and also Courtney join them on the final track. “In a time where commitment can be tough to come by—the through-thick-and-thin/death-do-us-part type of commitment—it’s a track that celebrate that type of love,” Joel says.

Perhaps that no surprise that the duo felt compelled to embark ~ above this music pilgrimage since they have actually been two of our many prescient storytellers in current years, addressing problems even prior to they became part of the national conversation. It’s together if they recognize what we have to hear specifically when we need to hear it. Because that instance, your 2016 No. 1 fight “Priceless”, which also inspired the Smallbones’ human-trafficking themed movie by the same name, celebrates a woman’s worth. Number of years before the #MeToo phenomenon, the Smallbones sparked a movement highlighting a woman’s worth that proceeds to grow and evolve today.

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They began writing and also recording songs around hope and love number of years back for Burn The Ships, messages the are critical during this tumultuous times. Your music provides answers, comfort and also affirmation, while providing a consistent reminder that us aren’t alone, even in our darkest times. “We never ever want to be a voice that critique or criticism, however a voice of, ‘Maybe if us shifted our perspective, what would we see?’ that is the beauty beauty of music,” Joel says. “We ask the inquiries of ourselves: ‘I desire to have joy. I want to uncover a way. As soon as I am challenged with despair, battle or hardship, what can I do?’”

Luke adds, ” The point I am most proud of through this album is that when I watch at all 10 songs, castle all have actually a special place in mine heart and there is a real far-reaching story v each one. This album is about those songs in our hearts gift exposed to others, and hopefully others will reveal their hearts too.”

In Winter 2019 Joel & Luke space performing in your Australian homeland because that the very an initial time as part of the burn the pearls | human being tour and have sold out 6 the the 7 Australian cities, consisting of the above Sydney Opera House.