Michelle Obama signed one autograph after giving a campaign speech because that Barack Obama in Milwaukee ~ above Feb. 18, 2008, before her husband was chosen president. (Milwaukee journal Sentinel)


David Clarke states Michelle Obama said she was proud that U.S. Just after Barack Obama became president

Milwaukee ar Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr., a large enough support of president Donald Trump the he has actually been stated for a function in the administration, has been a regular basher of former President Barack Obama.

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On Feb. 17, 2017, the turned to attacking the former very first lady.

"Michelle Obama stated she was never proud the her nation til they chosen her husband POTUS," Clarke charged on Twitter: "I"ve never ever been prouder since we eliminated him."

With the tweet was a photo of Clarke, that is being urged by part to run versus U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., in 2018. Flexing his biceps, Clarke is displayed wearing a T-shirt with an image of trumped standing ~ above a tank and also holding a rifle.

During Obama’s first presidential campaign, Obama walk take part flack for remarks she do in Wisconsin about being proud of she country.

Let’s see whether Clarke is accurately relenten what she said.

Two Wisconsin speeches

Obama campaigned for her husband in Milwaukee and Madison ~ above Feb. 18, 2008, the day prior to Wisconsin’s primary. He had won eight consecutive democratic primaries and caucuses over Hillary Clinton.

In Milwaukee, Michelle Obama said:

People in this country are prepared for adjust and hungry for a various kind the politics and also … for the very first time in my adult life i am proud of my country because it feels choose hope is lastly making a comeback.

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But remarks she made later on in Madison were the persons that acquired widespread media attention. Numerous minutes right into her speech, Obama noted her husband’s main victory in southern Carolina and also continued by saying:

And then he went on to success throughout the country. And also when’s the last time we’ve watched a candidate -- male, female, whatever party -- who has actually been able come pull with each other victories that had Utah and Idaho and also Louisiana and Maine and also Washington and Illinois. I don’t think we’ve seen that. Yet what we’ve learned over this year is that hope is do a comeback. It is making a comeback and also let me tell you something: because that the an initial time in mine adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country and also not just since Barack has done well, but since I think people are hungry for change. And also I have been desperate to check out our country moving in the direction and just no feeling so alone in mine frustration and also disappointment. I’ve seen people who room hungry to be unified about some straightforward common issues and also it’s made me proud.