Credit: Beth Garrabrant for EW

Taylor Swift discusses Folklore, the coronavirus pandemic, Joe Biden to win the U.S. Election and more in a brand-new interview with Entertainment Weekly.

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The singer, who is one of EW‘s 2020 Entertainers the the Year, states of writing her latest album in quarantine and also what it was like keeping it a secret: “Well, it felt favor it was just my thing. It felt prefer such an inner people I to be escaping to every day that it virtually didn’t feel favor an album. Since I wasn’t make a song and also finishing it and also going, ‘Oh my God, that is catchy.’ ns wasn’t make these things with any kind of purpose in mind.

“And so it was virtually like having it just be mine was this yes, really sweet, nice, pure part of the civilization as whatever else in the human being was burning and crashing and also feeling this sickness and sadness. I nearly didn’t procedure it together an album. This was simply my daydream space.”

Credit: Beth Garrabrant because that EW

Swift walk on come say it felt “f**king fantastic” to drop the F-bomb ~ above the track “Mad Woman”.

She share of it gift the very first time she’d sworn on an LP, “Every rule publication was thrown out. I constantly had this rules in my head and one of them was, you haven’t done this before, so friend can’t ever before do this. ‘Well, you’ve never had actually an clearly sticker, so you can’t ever before have an clear sticker.’

“But the was one of the times whereby I felt choose you must follow the language and also you have to follow the storyline. And also if the storyline and the language match up and you end up saying the F-word, simply go for it. Ns wasn’t adhering to any kind of of the guidelines the I had placed top top myself,” the star continues. “I decided to simply make what I wanted to make. And I’m yes, really happy the the fans to be stoked about that because I think they could feel that. I’m no blaming anyone else for me restricting myself in the past. The was all, i guess, make what I desire to make. I think mine fans could feel the I opened up the gate and also ran out of the pasture because that the very first time, i beg your pardon I’m happy they picked up on due to the fact that they’re very intuitive.”

Credit: Beth Garrabrant for EW

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As who that resides in Nashville, Swift is then asked around people crowding bars there is no masks on lower Broadway, to which she replies: ns mean, girlfriend just automatically think of the wellness workers that are placing their stays on the line — and oftentimes shedding their lives. If they make it out of this, if they watch the various other side the it, there’s going to it is in a most trauma the comes through that; there’s going come be things that they observed that they will certainly never be able to un-see. And also that was the link that ns drew.

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“I did a the majority of research ~ above my grandfather in the beginning of quarantine, and it hit me really quickly that we’ve acquired a version of the trauma continue right currently in our hospitals. God, girlfriend hope people would respect it and also would recognize that going the end for a night isn’t worth the ripple effect that that causes. Yet obviously we’re seeing the a lot of world don’t it seems to be ~ to have actually their eyes open up to that — or if lock do, a lot of of people don’t care, which is upsetting.”

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Swift, who has actually been open as soon as it comes to her politics views and supporting Joe Biden and also Kamala Harris in the U.S. Election, states of where she was once she uncovered out Biden had won: “Well, once the results were comes in, i was in reality at the property where we shot the Entertainment Weekly cover. I was hanging out through my photographer friend, Beth, and also the wonderful couple that own the farm where we . And we establish really early into the night that us weren’t going come get an accurate picture of the results.

“Then, a pair of days later, ns was on a video clip shoot, however I was directing, and also I to be standing there with my face shield and also mask on beside my manager of photography, Rodrigo Prieto. And also I simply remember a news alert coming up on my phone the said, ‘Biden is our next president. He’s winner the election.’ and also I proved it come Rodrigo and he said, ‘I’m constantly going come remember the minute that us learned this.’ and also I looked around, and also people’s challenge shields were beginning to fog up since a lot of of human being were really misty-eyed and emotional, and it was no loud. The wasn’t popping party of champagne. It was this minute of quiet, careful elation and also relief.”