Efficiency marches top top with new plug-in hybrid version of two renowned crossovers. We discover how the Toyota RAV4 Prime and also Ford escape PHEV compare.

Half Measures

Slowly, however steadily, the transportation sector is transitioning far from fossil fuels. Hybrid powertrains room being available across an ext and much more model lines as of late and most notably within the hyper-popular crossover segment. Offered the how amazing success that their current RAV4 hybrid, Toyota made decision to execute one much better and develop a plug-in variation for also greater electric range. Yet the RAV4 Prime offers buyers a whole lot more than just emissions cost-free driving, together we’ll explore below.

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2021 Toyota RAV4 element – toyota.com | Shop Toyota RAV4 Hybrids on priziv.org

And Toyota isn’t the only car company that feeling the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV required some competition. Ford is also releasing a plug-in hybrid variation of their compact crossover, the Escape, as part of their more comprehensive push right into electrification alongside the brand-new hybrid F-150 and the Mustang Mach-E.


2020 Ford to escape – ford.com | Shop Ford to escape Hybrids ~ above priziv.org

Given the escape PHEV and the RAV4 Prime will both be hitting dealerships later on this summer, we thought it’s a great time to see how they compare.

Two distinct Flavors

The Escape and also RAV4 element PHEVs re-superstructure superficial similarities, but they end up together distinctly different choices in both style and also substance.


Both vehicles begin with 2.5-liter inline 4-cylinder engines. Top top its own, the Escape’s engine provides 168hp and also 155lb.-ft. Of torque. As soon as paired through an electrical motor utilizing a 14.4kW battery, the escape PHEV renders 221hp, and also comes in FWD kind only.


The RAV4 Prime’s 2.5-liter starts out making 176hp and 163lb.-ft. Of torque. Adding in a trio of electric motors and an 18.1kWh battery pack, that jumps as much as an superior 302hp, and also comes specifically in AWD.


The RAV4 Prime’s greater horsepower rating translates to a truly impressive 0-60 time that 5.7 secs (Note that, excepting luxury options like the Porsche Macan, us don’t usually even point out 0-60 time when stating crossovers). The time makes the RAV4 element the 2nd fastest Toyota you can buy, best after the Supra (3.9 secs 0-60). The escape PHEV keeps points much more in line with its hybrid stereotype, clocking in at around 9 seconds to acquire up to 60mph.

You could imagine that the RAV4 element takes an efficiency hit because that this an increase in output, but the numbers right here are actually quite close. The to escape boasts an all-electric selection of 37 miles, a combined 100MPGe, and a full range of 530 miles on a complete charge and also full tank that gas. The RAV4 prime will get a slightly better 42 miles of full electrical range, 94MPGe combined, and a maximum selection of 600 miles.

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Cost/Benefit Balancing Act

Before us talk around their individual price-points, it’s essential to psychic both vehicles will certainly be eligible for a federal tax credit of up to $7,500. But the actual lot of the credit transaction is tied straight to the vehicle’s battery capacity. This place the Escape’s credit transaction at an estimated $4,600 based upon its 14.4kWh battery and the RAV4 Prime’s credit, through its 18.1kWh battery, falling somewhere about $6,000.