Have you ever before stepped inside a vehicle that changes your mood or altars her perception that reality. Every time I got behind the wheel that the 2012 Ford F-150 SuperCrew Harley-Davidson version the repeated thumping the "Born To be Wild" through the Canadian-American rock group Steppenwolf would certainly play over and also over again in mine head. The feeling of being some sort of badass lone rider wondering the world -- fallowing the asphalt where ever before it might take me through the wind in mine hair and also the drone of a deafening exhaust under me. This F-150 is soaked in Harley-Davidson heritage the your human body absorbs once you"re in the driver"s seat.

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The lonely driver is no fashionista, but this F-150 truck is dressed to the nines in a super-metallic tuxedo black color with standard hot-rod-inspired snakeskin-texture next graphics. A distinct six-bar billet-style bright-chrome grille, former fascia, retractable side steps, black-out headlight trim, and also chrome bedside Harley-Davidson badging different this F-150 indigenous the remainder of the wolf pack. Ford keeps up through the latest automotive fashion by providing the truck new standard 22-inch 5-spoke machined-aluminum wheels through a flat-black face and also Harley-Davidson logo facility caps and also wrapped in 275/45R22 112V Pirelli Scorpion Zero all-weather tires.

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The reptile theme carries into the interior with near-black snakeskin leather-trimmed seats with Harley-Davidson emblems. The facility console cover it s okay a influential Harley-Davidson badge, and also the snakeskin consists the top and also bottom part of the steering wheel. Dash, door, and also interior trim pieces additionally get the metallic tuxedo-black shine.

"Get your motor runnin"." - The F-150 Harley-Davidson is equipped v a six-speed automatically transmission and a powerful 6.2-liter gasoline V-8 through 411 hp and also 434 lb-ft that torque. Our van ran 0 come 60 mph in 6.4 seconds and 15.0 in ~ 93.5 mph ~ above the quarter mile -- and sounds typical at open throttle. Also on board is a 37-gallon tank -- that"s 10 much more gallons than in an F-150 equipped with a V-6. Ours truck stopped from 60 mph in 113 feet, an outstanding 20 feet much shorter than our permanent F-150 EcoBoost we tested recently.

"Head out on the highway. " - So, we did, from our El Segundo workplaces to Kingman, Arizona. We collection out so late in the evening and also had to handle the parking too many we referred to as freeways. No lane splitting in this full-size beast. Instead of the wind in mine hair, I had the A/C on complete blast to keep us cool and collected. The took about four hours to move 130 miles before we make it to the I-40 the connects Barstow, California, to Kingman. Climate it was smooth sailing under the full moon because that the next 210 miles. Burning the midnight oil if listing to "70s top top 7, The Bridge, and also Alt country on the SiriusXM Satellite Radio we roared under the open up highway. The temperature gauge read 105 levels outside, and we might feel the heat on the windows as we got to our location at midnight.

"Lookin" for adventure. And whatever comes our way." - The true nature the this road expedition wasn"t to be one with the open road or be the mysterious road warrior you discover in metropolitan fairytales. I visited Arizona, to pick up my five-year-old nephew and take him earlier home v me for a mainly of summer vacation fun. And, coincidentally, he shares the exact same Harley name. Our SuperCrew cab holds 5 adults with plenty that room to spare. End the next six days, the toted four adults and a boy seat together we racked up just a small over 1000 miles v an typical of 14.5 mpg. Keeping with the open-road theme, us headed south on the 15 to the san Diego Zoo, back up come Anaheim to invest the work in cars Land in ~ the Happiest ar on Earth, and also Laguna Beach simply to cruise PCH in style. We also hit increase the Lake Elsinore outlets because that their huge Fourth of July sales, and also used the truck to lug river rock and sand we"d purchased because that a ago yard project. And the whole time, the intro that "Born To be Wild" was thumping in mine head.

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"Take the world in a love embrace. " - The 2012 Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson edition is best described as a big piece the American metal drenched in one all-American mindset with a soul formed by American hands. The only things absent are the flag and the fireworks.

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2012 Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson
PRICE together TESTED$53,925
VEHICLE LAYOUTFront engine, 4WD, 5-pass, 4-door truck
ENGINE6.2L/411-hp/434-lb-ft SOHC 16-valve V-8
TRANSMISSION6-speed automatic
CURB load (F/R DIST)6145 lb (56/44%)
LENGTH x width x HEIGHT231.9 x 79.2 x 76.7 in
0-60 MPH6.4 sec
0.59 g (avg)
ENERGY CONS., CITY/HWY281/211 kW-hrs/100 miles
CO2 EMISSIONS1.43 lb/mile