Eighty thousands dollars is a the majority of money to invest on a car. Even here in 2021, through the average new vehicle transaction price hovering around $40,000, that"s a far-ranging chunk of change — sufficient to to buy a BMW M3 or Mercedes-AMG C63, a invited Lexus GX 460 or Lincoln Aviator, even a Tesla model S or a Porsche Taycan (well, almost). Hell, you can buy a pre-owned, well-maintained Ferrari 360 Spider for that sort of cash.

Or, alternatively, you have the right to buy a half-ton pickup truck.

Yes, we"ve now reached the allude where the iconic all-American pickup, the Ford F-Series, have the right to ring increase the it is registered at (or even a tad above) $80,000. The is, at least, in top-trim F-150 limited form, which sit atop the lineup because that the folks who don"t uncover Platinum or King Ranch sophisticated enough.

Insane? At very first blush, yeah. In one era whereby automotive loan commonly technique Rip valve Winkle nap timeframes, it"s simpler for buyers to justify spending huge bucks by dispersing it the end over plenty of monthly payments — however even so, dropping eighty stacks is tough. Together of this writing, the Ford website finance offer on the F-150 limited currently is composed of a under payment of $7,252, followed by $1,038 payments every month because that 84 months.

But here"s the thing: if the idea the dropping luxury auto money on a pickup appears crazy in theory...once you spend a small time in one of these regal rigs, that starts to feel almost logical. In fact, this brand-new Ford is packed through all species of ingenious functions that, combined with its tremendous inherent capability, arguably do it the automobile most worthy of dropping $80K on here in 2021.

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If best long-haul lull is what girlfriend look because that in an automotive throne, the 2021 F-150 Limited"s front seats are worthy of, in ~ the an extremely least, podium contention. Thanks to 10-way mediate — to add the fold-out wings because that shoulder and also neck assistance — there"s a comfortable place for just around every shape and also size of human being.

Of course, also a comfortable seat can use a little help now and also again. For this reason the Limited"s seats likewise offer both heating and ventilation — the latter powerful enough to cool even the warmest butts. Add those to the F-150"s towering elevation that it is provided a commanding check out of the road and also giant windows, and you have one spectacular means to see America when rolling along at 70 mph.


In to plan the F-150"s mid-cycle refresh, Ford discovered that numerous an owner supplies their truck together a mobile workspace, for this reason the Blue Oval added a few touches come help. The interior Work surface ar — a $165 choice — is a lifesaver for anyone who"s ever before needed a small extra room to spread out food or devices in the cabin. Press a button to power the change lever the end of the means (obviously, this just works in Park) and flip the peak of the facility console forward, and also boom — there"s enough room to spread out out a laptop or paperwork (or, as many of us will more than likely use it, a smorgasbord from the Arby"s 2 because that $6 everyday Value Menu).

Staying charged and connected isn"t an issue, either. On-board wifi is easily accessible through the F-150"s integrated 4G LTE hotspot (though, of course, you need to pay because that a subscription). Not only does this truck boast a plethora the USB ports, it also has a 110-volt three-prong outlet. And as a bonus: since of the 1.5-kWh lithium-ion battery that sits listed below the bed that supplements the petrol motor, you can leave the van on when you job-related without leaving the V6 idling (apart native the occasional short burst wherein it transforms on for a moment). Bottom line: never have actually I felt much more productive while waiting in the auto for a new York parking spot to go from off-limits come acceptable.

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Forgive the aer picture, as I was pressure to prop mine phone at an odd edge to grab the shot, however it it s okay the point across: the F-150"s $340 Max Recline seat really execute live up to their billing. In ~ six-foot-four, I had the ability to stretch out my spine come its fullest and also still have plenty of space — though, admittedly, the was through my foot dangling at the knee, a place that"s more conducive to strength napping 보다 a good night"s sleep. (That said, shorter folks can use the space to pass the night away.)

The Max Recline seats — which, because that the record, space only obtainable on higher-trim trucks — do come through a caveat, though: not just do you have to opt for a crew cab to have them, but the rear seat demands to be empty in bespeak to use them, together the benches have to fold upwards against the seat backs to do room. That way that anything in the rear seats needs to relocate, or else you ain"t reclining — and also if it"s not something you feel comfortable leave in the bed, it demands to squeeze onto the floor somewhere. (Luckily, the behind bench wrinkle in two pieces, for this reason you have the right to leave one under if girlfriend only need room for at some point bed.)

And this is only the pointer of the iceberg. Other functions I didn"t even mention: the reality that the F-150 deserve to receive over-the-air updates, will sell Ford"s own Level 2 semi-autonomous self-driving device that lets the owner walk hands-free on countless highways, deserve to tell you exactly how much load you"ve loaded right into the bed, allows you adjust many features with a smartphone app, a trailer backup assistance device that renders reversing with an Airstream or various other awkward attachment as simple as transforming a dial, and more.

Oh, and also let"s no forget that, on height of all that, this is still a crew-cab pickup truck, v S-Class-like legroom in both rows, an ext nooks and also crannies to organize items 보다 your grandmother"s five-piece sectional, a five-and-a-half-foot-long bed capable of hauling hundreds upon thousands of pounds the gear, the capacity to tow 5 tons or more, and a four-wheel-drive system with low range.