How does pro Trailer backup Assist work?

Driving a auto is as natural as walking for plenty of of us, however when you add in extra elements, periodically it can obtain confusing. Backing up with a trailer attached can be a challenge, but luckily Ford has actually a equipment for you. Choose Ford vehicles, prefer the 2020 Ford supervisor Duty F-350, will be equipped through Pro Trailer back-up Assist, i beg your pardon can assist you obtain your trailer wherein you require it to go. Read and also watch the video below come learn just how to use Pro Trailer back-up Assist with your Ford truck.

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Twelve measures to setting up agree Trailer back-up Assist

1. Conference the adhering to supplies:

Your start setup guide with measurement cardA ice cream measureA pen or pencilAn assistantThe checkered sticker accompanying her setup guide

2. Affix your vehicle to her trailer. Make certain to do so on a level surface. A drawbar can assist you ensure that the link is level.

3. Relocate your car forward, which need to pull her trailer in line through your vehicle.

4. Inside her vehicle, push the centre of the pro Trailer back-up Assist button, situated to the best of the steering wheel. Watch the video guide below if you have actually trouble locating this button.

5. Spell the end the name of your trailer on the screen. This is to conserve a profile for the trailer. You have the right to use the up and down and also left and right arrows come spell the end a name. Pushing the right arrow will take it you come the next letter. Once you space finished, press OK.

6. Select the correct kind of brake device on your trailer. The default is Electric/Surge, but you can likewise choose electrical over Hydraulic if that describes your trailer. You’ll likewise be inquiry to select the braking effort for your trailer. Low is encourage for most trailers, however if you have actually a big trailer that requires an ext aggressive braking, then choose medium or high. Next, the will relocate onto a display that confirms that your trailer is conventional due to the fact that Pro Trailer back-up Assist is not collection up for fifth Wheel or Gooseneck trailers. Confirm this and also confirm the you want to usage Pro Trailer back-up Assist ~ above the following screen.

7. Transition your vehicle into park v your vehicle and trailer aligned in a directly line.

8. Ar your checkered sticker on her trailer tongue, 15 come 55 centimetres from the centre of the trailer hitch ball. Clock the video guide listed below for an instance of just how to place the sticker.

9. Usage the tape measure to document the following measurements:

The horizontal street from the license plate to the center of the hitch ballThe horizontal distance from the center of the hitch ball to the center of the stickerThe diagonal street from the centre of the rear-view camera to the center of the stickerThe horizontal distance from the tailgate to the centre of the trailer axle because that single-axle trailers or the horizontal street from the tailgate come the centre suggest between both axles because that dual-axle trailers

10. Get ago inside her vehicle and input the measurements that you simply recorded. usage the up and also down arrows on the five-way move on the left next of her steering wheel to manage the inputs and press OK when you have actually the correct data. After typing the measurements, it will certainly ask girlfriend to inspect that they are all accurate.

11. The system will immediately search because that the sticker target now and ask friend to check that that has discovered the sticker. select yes if the sticker is circled ~ above the display screen. If not, pick no, and double-check her measurements and placement.

12. Lastly, drive the car forward in between 4 and 25 mph to complete the calibration. A blog post will phone call you once the procedure is complete.

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How to set up pro Trailer back-up Assist ™ video clip by FordCanada

This video clip guide goes over the same info that we have recorded above. Feel totally free to watch and also follow in addition to the video clip as girlfriend go.