No, no—relax. Over there is no V-8 under the hood the the 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor. At least, no yet—Ford claims the eight-cylinder Raptor R supertruck is rumbling its means toward the horizon break and also will most likely be here sometime following year. Because that now, the typical Raptor is the top-of-the-line off-road baddie native the F-150 family.

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The Raptor was likewise the just F-150 Ford sent also though we invite the entire lineup to our 2022 van of the Year competition—including the new PowerBoost hybrid—as the refreshed 2021 trucks weren"t easily accessible in time because that last year"s event.

Most of it is badass company as usual with the acquainted 3.5-liter twin-turbo V-6 make its return because that the third-gen truck, an interpretation you get the very same stout 450 hp and also same custard-thick 510 lb-ft routed v the same 10-speed automatic transmission. Our test truck"s optional 37-inch monster tires only slowed this carryover powertrain slightly: The Raptor cracked off a 0-60 operation in 5.6 seconds, up from the previous model"s time of 5.2 seconds, however that was a lighter SuperCab variant.

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It"s not quite as powerful—scratch that, it"s nowhere near as powerful—as the ram TRX, however it sure is a damn sight an ext thrifty than the juiced-up gallon-glugging Ram, with an EPA-rated 14/16 mpg city/highway contrasted to the TRX"s 10/14 split. Because that 2022 the basic F-150 Raptor start out practically $8,000 cheaper 보다 the TRX, but including the Raptor 37 power package (and other alternatives that package requires) makes it $5,800 pricier 보다 that lamb to start, and also that doesn"t strike us as a great value.

Ford is perhaps frustrated with us illustration so plenty of comparisons to the badder, madder Ram, however it needs to be said. "The Raptor 37 is developed to it is in Ford"s stopgap answer come the lamb TRX until the Raptor R is ready, and the Raptor 37 simply doesn"t feel quite as pure or organic as a TRX does," features editor Christian Seabaugh said. "The V-6 doesn"t carry out the same sort that visceral thrill the Hell-catted ram does."

Oh, well. We"ll shot to be patient. Until then, if the former Raptor satiated your Baja-bashing needs simply fine, you"ll find the wrapper-fresh 3rd gen to be fairly the beastie, nevertheless of TRX.

"It feels an ext unstoppable than ever off-road," functions editor Scott Evans said. "Nothing slows it down, nothing obstacles it, except maybe a small trail. The structure twister we have here is no concern to it. The barges through every little thing as conveniently as it drives down a paved road."

It handle great, too, even with those outrageous 37-inch clodhoppers. "For miscellaneous of this size and weight on these tires, it drives phenomenally well about a corner," Evans continued. "Through the emergency lane change test it essential zero stability control intervention. Approximately the dealing with course, it"s only minimal by its grip, not its managing capability."

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It"s nicer, too, combining every one of its ability and face-punch aesthetics through the freshened interior and infotainment duds gift by the new-for-2021 F-150 family, definition the Raptor"s got the gimmicky folding shifter and optional 12.0-inch infotainment screen.

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Is the 14th-generation Ford F-150 van of the Year material? We"re not sure yet, as this highly optioned and an extremely niche 2021 F-150 Raptor 37 is the just F-150 we had available for evaluation. Probably the possibly world-shifting F-150 Lightning, house-powering hybrid PowerBoost, or V-8 Raptor R will certainly make a stronger case at following year"s truck of the Year event, but until then, the good but not good third-gen Raptor just wasn"t impressive enough to claim the laurels.

3,000 rpmAccel, 0-60 mph5.6 secAccel, 0-60 mph (loaded)*6.6 secAccel, 0-60 mph (towing)**10.6 secQuarter Mile14.3 sec

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