The 2018 Shelby Baja Raptor is based off the Ford F-150Raptor, yet with a couple of extreme upgrades the make the incomparable to anythingyou"ve ever seen. Through this Shelby Raptor, walk off-road is an experience you"llwant to have every job of the week. It"s likely that this pickup featuresequipment you never thought girlfriend would have the satisfied of trying out. Let"sget a closer look in ~ what this Ford Raptor has to offer.View Ford Raptor Inventory

Shelby Baja Raptor Price

You can"t suppose to salary an mean Ford Raptor price because that theShelby Baja Raptor. This truck prices $116,815 and only 500 the them have beenproduced. If you already own the Ford Raptor, you have the right to purchase the conversionfor $48,650 instead.



The Shelby American comes v a high-flow, performance airfilter, practice cold-air intake to add a power intercooler created fromaluminum. Integrate this through the EcoBoost twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engineto attain 525 horsepower and 610 pound-feet that torque. This Shelby Baja Raptorprovides acceleration, speed and a ride the you"ve never had before.

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Extreme Off-Roading

If adventure is what girlfriend desire, the Shelby Baja Raptor in the Ford F-150 lineup won"t let girlfriend down. It functions Internal Bypass modern technology with place sensitivedamping which adapts to every terrains. In addition, the Quick adjust Bypass(QAB) renders it an easy to readjust the bypass tubes without the usage of any type of tools.The four-corner Fox Racing phase 2 flexible suspension permits for acomfortable ride no matter what terrain you space driving on. It rides on height of18-inch alloy wheel equipped with BFGoodrich tires therefore you have the right to travel anywhere.If you arrangement to pull her trailer behind you, you"ll it is in happy to understand that thisRaptor features a towing volume of 8,000 pounds.

Standard Features


Just favor anything that bears the surname Shelby, this ShelbyBaja Raptor functions just as many extreme attributes as you would certainly expect. Thedual-intake lamb air hood, custom skid plates, tradition bumpers to add a chase rackmounted on the van bed with full-size spare wheel mounts. There are alsomultiple LED irradiate bars and also power automatic running boards. Through these boards,you can easily climb right into the truck also though the van is fitted v athree-inch lift.

Drivers that the Shelby Baja Raptor additionally receive customembroidered leather seats, lot of of Shelby badging outside and inside thevehicle to add a numbered CSM serial number plate.

Prepare for Excitement

If girlfriend are ready to suffer something distinctive andthrilling, it"s time because that you to check out the Shelby Baja Raptor. In ~ Phil LongChapel Hills we have all the brand-new Ford trucks you"ve to be dreaming of.

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ThisRaptor comes finish with a 3 year /36,000-mile restricted warranty to offer youpeace of mind while you travel on and off the road. 

Stop by this particular day to learn more about the ShelbyBaja Raptor. While you room here, you can examine out our finish Ford Raptor inventoryin Colorado Springs and also learn about all the to exclude, Ford lease dealshappening ideal now.