GKN Automotive’s senior Vice president of design & Technology, Dr ray Kuczera, discusses just how the Ford emphasis RS AWD system has taken drivelines into new territory.

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The brand-new Ford emphasis RS uses a GKN all-wheel journey (AWD) device with a Twinster twin-clutch system. This was not the an initial application the the an innovation – the range Rover Evoque had currently proven Twinster off-road and in production – but the focus RS take it it into brand-new territory, revealing just how much power torque vectoring might deliver to a brand’s marketing.

Twinster can apply torque come one or both wheel independently, permitting dynamic speak vectoring functions throughout a vehicle’s entire speed range. The Twinster in the focus RS uses new gearing ratios the deliver more torque to the behind wheels. As soon as AWD is engaged, the Twinster drives the rear wheels faster than the front. Read the original news release.


Over-speeding the behind wheels transforms the means the vehicle feels and also handles. In curves, the Twinster makes the auto turn in much more sharply, responding more immediately come the driver’s inputs. And in Ford’s drift mode, the AWD device delivers even more torque come the rear axle, delivering enough torque to the behind wheels because that the RS to accomplish a controlled “drift” with corners.

GKN Automotive’s software consists of a distinctive subsystem that modifies the torque controls in methods that do it easier to induce on-throttle over-steer and then keep side-slip edge while counter steering. Producing the wanted yaw action is a combination of calibration changes that modify the level of talk applied, how quickly it gets applied, and also how much difference is created in between the inner and outer behind wheels.

Until the emphasis RS, most vehicles provided the brake system to achieve a kind of basic vectoring effect. The method the RS uses Twinster to supply purer performance and feel put a spotlight top top the difference fully dynamic torque vectoring offers.


AWD is coming to be the driveline of choice for performance cars. That is just the most effective means of placing power ~ above the road. The emphasis RS provided GKN Automotive an innovation to demonstrate vividly to consumers just how innovative drivelines are rewriting the rules.

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Unsurprisingly, over there is currently a many interest in pairing Twinster v our eDrive systems. We think the tradition of the emphasis RS can be a new generation the hybrid vehicles that use torque vectoring come unlock their full potential.