Facebook customers copied and also pasted the very same claim about Ford, Ohio, and Mexico, throughout an unknown variety of accounts, pages, and also groups.

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Published30 in march 2021

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On march 18, 2021, a on facebook user shared what may have appeared to be large news in the auto industry. The short article read: “17000 ohio Ford motor jobs are going come Mexico.” It to be copied and also pasted through multiple on facebook users:

The article was shared thousands of times. It was also copied and also pasted by other users and may have actually been shared somewhere else as a screenshot.

This to be misleading. There to be no indication the Ford Motor agency was sending “17,000” Ohio work to Mexico, although the vague facebook post showed up to express to occasions that had unfolded simply days earlier. The case was somewhat comparable to a formerly published story native 2016.

On in march 16, Detroit free Press reported that 1,700 hourly employees worked at a Ford tree in Avon Lake, Ohio. The number appeared to have been inflated to “17,000” in the facebook post.

In November 2019, Ford had purportedly planned come later add 1,500 an ext jobs come the plant. However, in march 2021, the united Auto employees (UAW) job union said that those added jobs were now set to be component of a plant in Mexico.

When Detroit cost-free Press asked if Ford to be planning to add those work in Mexico rather than Ohio, the firm responded: “We have no extr details to provide at this time.”

While the agency didn’t shed any light on the issue, the cost-free Press did obtain a statement native the automaker. Kelli Felker is a worldwide manufacturing and also labor interactions manager because that Ford. “We are always looking in ~ our options,” Felker said.

“We still arrangement to invest $6 billion and create and also retain 8,500 work in America throughout the course of this four-year contract,” she said.

“We are invested in Ohio Assembly Plant and our dedicated workforce there. Since 2019, we have invested an ext than $185 million and also created and also retained an ext than 100 work at Ohio Assembly Plant, consisting of actions planned for this year. This includes increasing our capacity to build extr Super Duty trucks at Ohio Assembly tree to meet solid consumer demand.”

In sum, it to be misleading for the Facebook posts to claim that “17,000” Ford Motor company jobs in Ohio to be going to Mexico. In reality, 1,700 hourly employees work at a tree in Avon Lake, Ohio, and also the future place of an meant 1,500 added jobs remained unknown.

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We are getting to out come Ford for clarification and also will update this story must we hear back.