How lot knowledge and experience walk it take to successfully construct your own car?

A year…? five years…? A lifetime…?

In part cases, the answer is none. All it take away is a cinema ticket.

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When Charlie Ramsay came out of an early showing of Gone in 60 Seconds ago in the year 2000, he had a assumed in his head the wasn’t exactly unique among those who had actually watched the film:

“I want a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.”

But, as plenty that gearheads will currently know, there to be a trouble with this wish. The details car that Charlie had actually fallen in love ~ above the big screen with didn’t really exist.


“Who’s Eleanor?”

Eleanor – together the automobile is known in the movie – no a GT500, yet a 1967 Ford Mustang fastback with a customised body kit. The prohibitive price tag ($150,000+) that tracking down GT500s was one factor its producers made decision to walk this Frankenstein path instead.

Given that just three Eleanor’s the eleven or twelve the were constructed for the movie made it through the filming process, it shows up that this to be a clever move.

“The thing around the ‘67 fastback is the it was mass-produced,” Charlie says. “So there are lots out there. If someone had actually an actual GT500, they’d never want to execute this kind of point through it.”

In 2001 the first film in The Fast and the Furious franchise made its debut and many the Charlie’s peers forgot about Eleanor, looking eastern for their brand-new dream electric motors instead. After ~ all, cars favor the Nissan Skyline and also the Mitsubishi Eclipse were cheaper and also easier to obtain than vintage muscle cars.

One the the initial Eleanor Ford Mustangs indigenous Gone in 60 Seconds marketed at auction for much more than $850,000 at the beginning of this year and, if a standard GT500 covering won’t expense you quite the much, the fastback continues to be a far cheaper and much more achievable option.

Not lengthy after the relax of Fast & Furious 6 in 2013, which coincidentally greatly featured an ‘Eleanor’ 1967 Mustang fastback, Charlie would discover that out first-hand.


From Mustang Fastback come Shelby GT500(ish)

In some ways, Charlie was lucky the his dream vehicle is such a strange beast – tens of thousands more fastbacks were produced than GT500s – yet it wasn’t till he was on a road trip with a friend in 2013 the a opportunity encounter let him secure one of his own:

“We discovered the automobile in some old barn. It was the entirety thing, not simply a shell, but none the the inner was usable. The engine to be no great and it had a dead raccoon in it! The male selling the told me that ‘there’s rust in every the evident places’, and also I’d later come to learn the really meant there to be rust in all the worst places.”


But some desires just refuse come die. Charlie to buy the hunk the junk, paying almost as much in shipping and also import duties to gain it from the us to the UK as he did for the vehicle itself. It to be only as soon as his new baby to be up on block in a tiny garage in eastern London that a harsh realisation set in: He knew absolutely nothing about restoring a classic car.

“I was going come this location every day, learning every little thing I can on YouTube, and doing as lot of it together I could myself. The the very same feeling you get when you fix something in her crappy very first car, just with a enlarge and far better toy. Yes sir no sense of satisfaction favor it.”


“There were some scary days,” Charlie admits. “The electrics, the welding. I had to find out to perform all the myself, however I got it checked by civilization who know what lock talking about and they said it was all good. I simply wanted to make sure the engine wouldn’t loss out!”

For the engine itself, Charlie enlisted the assist of his engineer friend Abraham.

“I couldn’t carry out the engine on my own. I didn’t think it to be safe, for this reason I carried Abes in for that. It to be so huge that we had actually to cut the shock towers the end of the vehicle to get the engine in it. My heart to be pounding every day. Actually, there were a most days it to be pounding favor that...”

Seven year of difficult work, numerous YouTube tutorials, a move from the small London garage come his parents’ home in Kent and also one very small fire (no large deal!) later, Charlie is now the proud owner that a vehicle that can still collection Nicholas Cage’s love racing.

“What set my automobile apart indigenous the rather is the mine can be the just one in the UK with a contemporary engine in it,” he says. “It’s got a Ford Coyote, which gives it about 420BHP, front and rear suspension, all that. That a 1967, but it’s a modern-day car inside.”

“The easy way or the difficult way”

Whether you tricking out a DMC DeLorean come look favor a time machine with some style or debating even if it is to include a currently questionable flag to the roof of an orange 1969 “General Lee” dodge Charger, yes sir always an ext to “movie cars” than simply the movie.

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After all, if you desire a custom built Eleanor, you have the right to pay fusion Motor firm a quarter of a million dollars to do one for you. However that technique skips part of the story behind a movie car, whether it’s living the end your childhood fantasy or the sense of satisfaction that comes v fanatical fist to detail. Charlie’s father would concerned be a huge part of this car’s story:

“Two years ago, I spent the totality summer functioning on the automobile with my dad every day. Then, critical year, he passed away. Ns look back and the money the totality thing cost me means nothing because it provided me the time through him, and that’s worth everything to me. I can never sell that car, due to the fact that me and my dad functioned on it...I’d never ever sell the anyway though, just look at it!”

The automobile runs perfectly yet is a few tests and bits of red tape away from being road legal. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, that’s taken miscellaneous of a backseat.