The Navy"s most mocked camouflage uniform will soon be a point of the past, the company announced today.

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The Navy working Uniform kind I, blue camouflage utilities frequently referred to as "blueberries," will certainly be replaced everywhere in the business by the forest-green NWU kind III camouflage utilities arisen by Naval distinct Warfare Command together a tactical uniform.

According come an announcement now by marine Personnel Command, sailors will have the choice of wearing one of two people the NWU form I or III beginning Oct. 1 the this year, and also will be forced to stay the NWU type III together the primary working uniform ashore and in port by Oct. 1, 2019.

"As and I take trip to see sailors deployed around the world, among the problems they continuously want to talk around are uniforms," marine Secretary beam Mabus stated in a statement. "They want uniforms that are comfortable, lightweight, breathable ... And also they want fewer of them. We have actually heard the feedback and we room acting ~ above it. Together a direct an outcome of Sailors" input, effective Oct. 1, us will transition from the NWU form I come the NWU form III together our primary shore functioning uniform."

Apart native the typical criticism that the uniforms, presented in 2009, added more weight to sailors" seabags, the pattern has been mocked as a pointless usage of camouflage.

"The navy "blueberries" – i don"t recognize what the name is, that"s what sailors speak to them – the an excellent camouflage it provides is if you autumn overboard," Mabus reportedly said in 2013, acknowledging the controversy.

Officials said the NWU kind III, now used by riverines and also other expeditionary forces, would be approve to brand-new recruits start Oct. 1, 2017.


The NWU kind III. (U.S. Navy/Mass communication Specialist first Class Julia A. Casper).

Sailors will be able to keep attract their black color boots with the NWU form III, yet Navy expeditionary forces, deployed or stateside, will certainly be allowed to wear boots in coyote brown or desert tan at the discretion of your unit commanding officer, public representative said.

Navy officials additionally announced today a series of other uniform decisions handed under by the service. Through 2020, all seafarers will transition to the Cold Weather Parka as service and also service dress uniform, with various other outerwear including the navy All Weather Coat, Pea Coat and also Reefer coat coming to be optional.

Beginning immediately, female chiefs will be able to wear the signature men"s khaki pants, there is no belt and also buckle, v khaki over-blouse. The navy is tho conducting wear test of women"s khaki trousers for the chief"s uniform, and officials said they were expected to be accessible for acquisition at the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018.

Navy sweats are acquiring a brand-new logo: "NAVY" in silver reflective lettering, i beg your pardon is currently featured top top the navy PT shirt and shorts.

And well-known "Don"t Tread top top Me" and also reverse U.S. Flag spot are now authorized, at the discretion that the commander, on NWU kind II and III uniforms, public representative said.

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To sheathe the prices of uniform changes, the enlisted apparel replacement allowance will certainly be adjusted. Commissioned officers, that receive only a one-time job uniform stipend, will not check out an adjustment, public official said.

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