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course of 2022 an elderly Portraits McIntire Photography

McIntire is the photographer for all senior portraits in the yearbook. Seniors must go come McIntire to have actually a snapshot in the yearbook. No purchase necessary, yet there is a sitting fee. No exterior photos can not be submitted.


Yearbook pick up:Contact Pam Pendery if you missed the pick up days or stimulate deadline. Pampendery

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Graduation will certainly be at the Cintas center at Xavier University. MONDAY, might 31st in ~ 3pm

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Athletic gold Pass

Gold passes are accessible at the district Office, to attain a gold happen you must more than 60 years of age and also live in the woodland Hills school District. Gold passes space being honoredbutif recommend by the room of health and wellness to limit attendance in ~ athletic events we will have to revert to not being maybe to accept gold pass holders.

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an excellent information in the brand-new Parent Orientation presentation!

CALENDARS: discover the scholastic calendar because that 2021-2022 and the breeze for 2022-2023online currently under resource CENTER!

VACCINATIONS: just arrive 7th and 12th graders are compelled to have actually documentation on document in the health office of having received the following vaccines:

7th grade: 1 Tdap and also 1 meningitis vaccine

12th grade: 2 meningitis vaccines (or 1 if the very first one was obtained after your 16th birthday. Please provide documentation from your physician"s office or clinic come the school health and wellness office as quickly as possible. An ext information

BRING YOUR very own DEVICE:Find the connect with information and also guidelines around FHSD maker policy here


On December 18, 2017, the plank of education Policy Committee met to reviewBoard plan 5430 “Class Rank”.

In June, a district committee representing parents, counselors, teachers, and also administrators began examining Forest Hills’ weighted food system, course rank and graduation recognitions to ensure all systems assistance student learning, postsecondary goals, and also student wellness. V their substantial research of various other school ar practices; college, university and also military academy accept procedures; and student feedback, the group reccomending to update the board policyto empower students come take challenging classes the they uncover most interesting, also as far better support the future goals and well-being of separation, personal, instance students.


Appropriate dress and grooming are expected and also student dress and grooming must reflect a respect because that others. Repetitive violations of the dress code will result in disciplinary action.

All apparel designed by groups, organizations and individuals for circulation to Anderson students need to haveadministrative approval. Fail to follow this procedure will an outcome in disciplinary action.

The complying with is the dress code:

Clothing worn by college student is supposed to it is in clean, neat, modest and appropriate for school.

Dress and grooming are expected come be free of distractions to the education environment and must notendanger the health and also safety of student and/or staff.

Shirts and tops need to be long sufficient to tuck right into lower garments and also may not reveal the torso, midriff orundergarments as soon as the college student is standing, sitting, increasing his/her hand or bending over. Shirts/tops should havehigh sufficient necklines to cover every cleavage. Pants are to it is in worn in ~ the belt level. The proper length forshorts, skirts and/or costume is mid-thigh. In stimulate to identify mid-thigh length, a college student must completely extendarms and also fingers at their side. Clothes length have to extend listed below the fingertips. No part of the buttocks orundergarments need to be exposed once the college student sits, stands, raises his/her hand or bends over. Garmentsshould no drag the floor.

The complying with items space not allowed to be worn: pajama attire; spiked or studded garments and/oraccessories; hefty chains; apparel with tears or holes; apparel or equipment with recommendation to alcohol, drugs,violence/weapons and/or tobacco; clothing or accessories through suggestive, profane or lewd symbols, slogansand/or pictures; hats, caps, bandanas, hoods or other form of head covering; clothes referring to thedevelopment that a team, corridor or other teams without permission the the administration; leggings/tights unlesscovered v a top reaching to mid-thigh; tank tops, halters, midriff tops, crop tops, spaghetti strap tops; openmesh garments; clothes with open sides which disclose skin or undergarments; and also muscle tops (shirts withoversized armholes).

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Students must location hats/caps/head undertake in their locker prior to the start of the institution day. Items notplaced in lockers will be taken away by school personnel and also kept till the end of the school day.