When it pertains to reading the scriptures there are details passages and verses that are much more well well-known than others. There space some that virtually everyone have the right to quote or might explain, and there space some that room a tiny less familiar. In this write-up let"s watch what does john 3:16 mean...

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1) What is john 3:16 ?

One the the much more commonly well-known verses is John 3:16. This verse, which appears in the King James version of the scriptures is one of the many famous and also it’s actually taken into consideration to it is in the very essence that Christianity. ✝

That’s why we’re walking to talk some more about the here. This bible verse, discovered in chapter 3, city 16 of the Gospel the John, that the new Testament) encapsulates a section of the discussion in between Jesus and also Nicodemus, ruler of the Jews.


The discussion involves who could ‘see the kingdom the God’ and also of salvation and condemnation.

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It is transparent this section that an ext is revealed pertaining to Jesus, God and the means in which every can contribute to the way in which salvation is promised to those that believe.

2) john 3:16 In The Bible

The first thing to look in ~ is the verse itself.