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Saturday Night Live (SNL), initial name (1975–77) NBC’s Saturday Night, American sketch comedy and range television collection that has aired on Saturday nights ~ above the national Broadcasting agency (NBC) network because 1975, becoming one of the longest-running program in television. The series is a fixture that NBC programming and a landmark in American television.


Will Ferrell is a defining figure of 2000s American comedy, and also his prolificness has actually no end in sight. How well carry out you know this comedy legend’s career? discover out through this quiz.

Mixing topical and also political subject matter with observational humour and also parody, SNL borrowed facets from the layout of brother television’s pioneering That was the Week that Was (1962–63, hosted by David Frost). But past those roots, indigenous its beginning it has been firmly grounded in the form of improvisational comedy occurred in Chicago in the 1950s and also ’60s through the Compass Players and at 2nd City. Indeed, 2nd City (both its original Chicago and also its Toronto companies) and the Los Angeles improvisation team the Groundlings detailed many the the performers that have made up SNL’s ensemble, start with its original cast, well-known as the Not ready for Primetime Players—Dan Aykroyd, man Belushi, Chevy Chase, woman Curtin, Garrett Morris, Laraine Newman, and also Gilda Radner. (This improvisation tradition also gave climb to Second City TV, i m sorry appeared an initial on Canadian television <1976–80> and then ~ above NBC <1981–83>, to the American Broadcasting that company Fridays <1980–82>, and also to the Fox network’s In living Color <1990–94> and also MADtv <1995–2009>, among other programs.) Similarly, the brilliantly warped satire that National Lampoon newspaper (and the National Lampoon Radio Hour <1973–74>) was one more important structure block the SNL’s irreverent comic sensibility.


Saturday Night Live
Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri top top Saturday Night Live.
National Broadcasting agency (NBC)

The guest hosts have tendency to be celebrities ~ above the rise or actors, including former cast members, v a new movie to publicize. There room a variety of performers who have long been connected with SNL as guest hosts, consisting of Steve Martin, Paul Simon, man Goodman, Christopher Walken, and Alec Baldwin. From its start, the program additionally has been crucial gig because that musicians, both because that up-and-coming groups and singers and for few of the greatest names in the music industry, one eclectic variety that has included Elvis Costello, Nirvana, the rojo Stones, Garth Brooks, Radiohead, Run-D.M.C., U2, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Kanye West, and Taylor Swift.


Chris Farley (left) and also David Spade v guest hold Christina Applegate on Saturday Night Live, 1993.

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