A big part the the narrative neighboring The Voice is the show"s focus on helping once-familiar young artists get a second chance in ~ redemption in the music industry. This season is no different, as yet one more formerchild star is set to complete in the fight Rounds because that Season 11.

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While the coaches continue to finish their teams on tonight"s display (Sept. 24), priziv.org is taking a look earlier at previous (and present) contestants who involved the NBC present looking for another shot in the spotlight.

Billy Gilman

Season 11 is already off to an emotional start, with former child country star Billy Gilman -- who made background at the age of 11 when he ended up being the youngest artist come score a height 20 nation hit, through his 2000 solitary "One Voice" -- influenced a bidding war in between coaches Adam Levine and Miley Cyrus. Gilman, who had a record resolve Epic and was also nominated for a Grammy compensation , is looking to reinvent himself, and also is off to a an excellent start after his stunning audition v Adele"s "When we Were Young." that will complete in the battle Rounds as a member that Team Adam.

Alisan Porter

From her first audition v Linda Ronstadt"s"Blue Bayou," Porter to be a front-runner to win Season 10 that The Voice, making background as she helped Christina Aguilera become the an initial female coach in background to victory the show. Before that, she to be a boy actress v appearances in movies like Parenthood and ns Love You come Death prior to her breakout function alongside Jim Belushi in the 1991 comedy Curly Sue. She additionally appeared on Broadway in Footloose and The Ten Commandments: The Musical at the Kodak theater alongside Val Kilmer and American Idol season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert.

Raquel Castro

Castro first endeared herself to the movie-going windy starring as Gertie, Ben Affleck"s daughter in the Kevin smith rom-com, Jersey Girl.She went on to contend on the first season the The Voice as part of TeamChristina, performing really grown up songs by artists favor Kesha. Because then, she has released 2 singles, to be featured ~ above the Empire cast Albums in 2015 and also 2016, and is collection to star in the 2017 movie Heavenly Charm.

Tony Lucca

The season 2 runner-up was a Mouseketeer, together coach Christina Aguilera and also *NSYNC"s JC Chasezand Justin Timberlake, on The NewMickey mouse Club. Lucca join Team Adam, andeven obtained to cover other Mouseketeer Britney Spears on the show. He was signed to Levine"s label, 222 Records, and also opened on tourism for superstars choose Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson, yet was exit from his deal in 2013.

Jordan Pruitt

She made that as much as the season three fight rounds, but prior to her audition, Pruitt had actually paid her dues at Disney, releasingtwo albums, No Ordinary Girl (2007) and Permission to paris (2008). She alsotoured with High college Musical: The Concert.

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Briana Cuoco

Season five competitor Briana Cuoco -- younger sisterof Big Bang concept lead Kaley Cuoco -- make her acting debut in 2001 v a function in the R.L. Stine TV adaptation The Nightmare Room. When her exhilaration profile remained low-key until 2012, when she was featured in the video diary series The Lydia Bennet!, she for sure shined through her Voice auditionof Lady Gaga"s "You and also I" -- scoringa spot on Team Christina.