Katie Couric"s brand-new memoir will incorporate text messages in between Lauer and also herself showing just how their working connection "devolved and also ultimately deteriorated."


Lauer to be ousted indigenous NBC"s morning show Today in 2017 over allegations of unreasonable sexual habits in the workplace. He has been maintaining a short profile due to the fact that losing his anchor position.

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His divorce native Annette Roque was finalized in 2019 and he is supposedly dating a longtime acquaintance, Shamin Abas. He penned one opinion piece accusing Ronan Farrow of bias and lax journalistic requirements in his report of allegations against Lauer in the publication Catch and also Kill. Farrow denies this accusations.

Nearly 4 years after former Today display host Matt Lauer to be ousted because that what NBC News chairman Andy Lack referred to as "inappropriate sex-related behavior," the previous anchor is earlier in the spotlight again. This time, the attention comes as Lauer"s former co-anchor, Katie Couric, speaks out ahead the the publication of her brand-new memoir Going There, i beg your pardon reveals, amongst other details of she career, just how she felt in the wake of the allegations against Lauer and how their partnership "devolved and also ultimately deteriorated."

In one interview with existing Today hold Savannah Guthrie, Couric said that the scandal take it a "long time to process," adding "As ns got an ext information and also learned what to be going ~ above behind the scenes, it was really upsetting and also disturbing. It was yes, really devastating, but also disgusting."

"I think what i realized is that there was a side of Matt I never really knew," she revealed, "and ns tried to recognize why he behaved the means he that did, and also why he to be so reckless and callous, and also honestly abusive to other women.”

Couric likewise explained that she and Lauer, who helmed the morning show together for more than a decade, now "have no relationship."

Within the book itself, i m sorry reportedly includes text messages between Couric and Lauer from the time of the allegations, Couric write "I understand Matt thinks ns betrayed him, and that makes me sad. But he betrayed me, too, by how he behaved behind closed doors in ~ the show we both cared around so much."

Read on for an ext about what Lauer has actually been law lately.

Laying short After "Today"

After his firing native the Today show in November 2017, Lauer apparently spent his job holed increase in his now-for revenue Hamptons house, whereby he "focused on family."


According come reports from page Six, Lauer and Rocque filed for an uncontested divorce in July of 2019, which was finalized through a Suffolk County can be fried Court judge that September. The pair had been separated for practically two years. The publication stated at the time that Lauer would pay Roque as much as $20 million in a divorce and also that she kept the property of a steed farm the they jointly owned in the Hamptons.

A source reportedly called the publication that the previous couple, who have three children together, were on an excellent terms.

Not long after the divorce was finalized, Lauer reportedly began dating marketing and public relationships executive Shamin Abas. “Matt and Shamin have known each various other for numerous years, as she security a lot of time in the Hamptons, as does he," a source close to Lauer told page Six. "They an extremely recently started dating, she is a beloved woman.” follow to lot of media outlets, they invested the holidays at his house in new Zealand.


New allegations versus Lauer surfaced in October 2019.

In his book, Catch and Kill, journalist Ronan Farrow revealed additional allegations native Lauer"s former NBC coworker Brooke Nevils. She was the previously unnamed former NBC News employee whose complaint contributed to Lauer"s firing. However, the full breadth of Nevils"s allegations had never been made public, and also in Farrow"s book she apparently alleges the she to be anally raped through Lauer in his hotel room when attending the Sochi Olympics in 2014 top top assignment because that NBC.

A statement released by NBC News stated that “Matt Lauer’s conduct was appalling, horrific and also reprehensible, as we claimed at the time. That’s why he to be fired within 24 hours of us an initial learning of the complaint. Ours hearts rest again for our colleague.”


In a statement come Variety through his lawyer, Lauer denied this allegation, saying that it is "categorically false, ignores the facts, and defies common sense.” He later went on come publish one opinion piece on Mediaite in 2020 accusing Farrow the "shoddy journalism" and failing to fact examine his sources in the book. Lauer denied Nevils"s variation of events as gift in the publication at the moment of publication, and in his Mediaite piece accused Farrow that bias against NBC. The piece, Lauer noted, was originally intended to publish in November 2019, quickly after Farrow"s publication release, however was delayed, instead coming on the heels of a story in the New York Times which additionally criticized Farrow"s methods.

Lauer has additionally accused Farrow of sensationalism, misleading language, and presenting stories "in a means that would certainly suit his activist goals, together opposed to any type of kind of journalistic standards."

Farrow comment to Lauer"s piece on Twitter saying simply: "All I’ll to speak on this is that Matt Lauer is simply wrong. Catch and also Kill was completely reported and also fact-checked, consisting of with Matt Lauer himself."

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All I’ll say on this is that Matt Lauer is simply wrong. Catch and also Kill was extensively reported and also fact-checked, consisting of with Matt Lauer himself.

— Ronan Farrow (

Lauer made comparable denials in 2018.

In April of 2018 the disgraced anchor do a statement to the Washington short article in which that said, "I have made no public comments on the many false stories from cotton or biased sources that have been reported around me end these previous several months... I remained silent in an attempt to protect my household from more embarrassment and to restore a little degree of the privacy they have actually lost. Yet defending my family now calls for me come speak up."

"I completely acknowledge that i acted inappropriately together a husband, father and principal in ~ NBC. However I want to make it perfectly clean that any type of allegations or reports of coercive, wild or abusive action on mine part, at any type of time, room absolutely false."


He complied with that increase that might in response to a report exit by NBCUniversal adhering to its internal investigation into the misconduct allegations that cost him his job. In a statement to Variety, Lauer said he to be fired after ~ "admitting to previous relationships with co-workers," but expressed his disagreement through "certain aspects" that the report.

"There are aspects of the NBC report through which I plainly disagree. However, I spent 25 wonderful years at the network, 20 of those at Today, and I’m exceptionally proud that what we achieved as a team. Top top November 29, 2017, ns was terminated by NBC ~ admitting to previous relationships v co-workers. A day later on I took responsibility for those relationships, apologized to the civilization I hurt and also promised to start the procedure of repairing the damage I had caused mine family," Lauer said. "I have functioned every day due to the fact that then to honor that promise."

Will the be returning to TV?

In might 2019, CNN cook Jeff Zucker has assured CNN staffers that Lauer will not be showing up on the cable news network. The announcement, which came via an internal broadcast come CNN employees according to web page Six, shows up to have actually been a direct an outcome of Lauer making a rarely public appearance in ~ Zucker"s birthday celebration.

Zucker formerly served together an executive at NBC, including a stint together executive producer top top the Today display while Lauer was at the helm, and also the 2 are stated to have actually remained friends even after parting methods professionally. Linked with his appearance at Zucker"s party, this prompted some to speculate that Lauer can be plan a much-rumored return to the airwaves on CNN.

"In plenty of ways the Matt rumors appeared to make sense, ratings ~ above CNN’s morning present and across prime time have been flagging, and perhaps Matt can be brought back to revive the numbers, and also his very own career in ~ the exact same time," one CNN insider supposedly told page Six, adding that some an elderly female staffers at the network already had plans to refuse to work-related with Lauer. "There was palpable relief in the office after Jeff shown Matt isn’t happening," the source said.

How Lauer"s departure influenced Today

While the allegations against Lauer that ultimately led to his firing to be a surprise to many, a ratings review proved that the damage to Today has been considerably less dramatic than plenty of experts had feared.

Indeed, according to numbers obtained from the Nielsen agency by USA Today, the NBC morning display averaged 4 million viewers every morning in so late 2018, simply 3% lower than its ratings before Lauer’s exit. By comparison, CBS This Morning, which lost anchor Charlie Rose about the very same time as Lauer under one more sexual misconduct scandal, was apparently down 10% over the exact same time period.

“There was worry when Matt Lauer left the they would be hurt an ext than turned the end to it is in the case,” Garth Tiedje, an analyst and senior vice chairman at Horizon Media called USA Today.

The show"s capacity to keep its audience is meeting in part to its long track record—Today very first launched in 1952—as well together the success that replacement hold Hoda Kotb. Kotb’s popularity among women is strong, important considering that female viewers make up the bulk of Today"s audience. In fact, according to Marketing Evaluations, Inc., she popularity score much more than doubles Lauer’s last score amongst older women.

On June 20, 2019, the NBC morning present shared a celebratory video clip on air mirroring special moment from throughout the show"s background to note 25 year on the air. When the five minute video shared a variety of iconic moment from the show"s run, pan were quick to suggest out the Lauer, who served on the present for 20 of its 25 year run, to be notably lacking from the clips.

Opinions were split on even if it is or no Lauer deserved to it is in in the anniversary video. While part felt the Lauer"s behavior should disqualify him from being publicly acknowledged—"Thank you because that not including Matt Lauer you did the best thing," one Twitter user wrote—others feeling that regardless of the allegations his long company on the display should not have been glossed over. One more Twitter pan argued, "Amazing the a member that “the family” was entirely excluded native the 25th Anniversary the Studio 1-A. I understand there were serious concerns with Matt Lauer and also his command is not to ever be condoned, yet all “families” room flawed in part way. Aren’t they? history shouldn’t be erased."

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Lauer wasn"t the only former face of the display to it is in omitted native the anniversary, though. Viewers also provided that Ann Curry, who served as Lauer"s co-anchor indigenous 2011 come 2012, likewise did not appear in any of the clips preferred for the anniversary. Curry to be unexpectedly forced out the her duty on Today in 2012, a removed in i m sorry Lauer self reportedly had actually a hand, leaving a an especially bitter taste in the mouths of fans who felt Curry, at least, deserved to be recognized.

How Lauer"s departure affected his previous colleagues

according to explanation she made come People in 2018, Kathie Lee Gifford had actually informed the network in January the 2017 the she would be leaving he 4th hour the Today, which she organized with Hoda Kotb, to seek film projects. Those plans fell by the wayside between the turmoil that adhered to the misconduct allegations versus Lauer and also his succeeding removal.

“Some points were painful for us. And we had to adjust, and also then castle said, ‘If us accommodate your schedule, will you take into consideration staying?’" she told civilization at the time. "I wasn’t spring to gain out, but I essential the time. So as soon as they accommodated the schedule, then there to be no reason to leave."

Jenna shrub Hager officially changed Kathie Lee as co-host the the 10 o"clock hour in April the 2019.