Twitter has actually tapped previous FBI general counsel James Baker, a main player in the Russia collusion investigation, to serve as counsel to the technology giant.

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“Thrilled to welcome
Twitter together Deputy general Counsel,” Twitter’s cook legal officer, Sean Edgett, posted Monday.

Edgett continued, “Jim is cursed to our core principles of an open up internet and freedom of expression, and brings experience navigating complex, global issues through a principled approach.”

Baker responded to the welcoming message in kind, writing, “Thanks
Twitter law such important work. Glad to be on board.”

Despite having actually left Washington behind, Baker is authorized the social media firm at a notable political moment.

Twitter has actually been involved in an ongoing feud v President Trump and also his conservative allies since May, when the website took the unprecedented step of labeling two tweets native the commander-in-chief as promoting misinformation.

The warnings space attached to missives trumped fired off in i beg your pardon he asserted that mail-in ballots room fraudulent and also will lead to a “rigged election” in November.

The move significant the first time the society media had actually annotated tweets indigenous the president of the United states — arguably Twitter’s many prolific user, who frequently airs grievances come his 80 million followers.

In response, Trump approve an executive order curtailing legal responsibility protections for social media companies simply two days later.

“We’re below today to defend cost-free speech from one of the greatest threats it has faced in American background had unchecked power to censure, restrict, edit, shape, hide, change virtually any type of communication in between private citizens or huge public audiences,” the president said at the time.

“This censorship and bias is a threat to liberty itself. Imagine if her phone agency silenced or edited your conversation. Society media companies have vastly much more power in the United claims than newspapers, they’re by far an ext rich than any other traditional forms of communication,” he added.

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Baker, because that his part, will most likely be connected in defending the company using protections noted under section 230 the the interactions Decency Act, which offers those legitimate safeguards to communication that enable anyone to publish content from lawsuits concerning that content.

During his time v the FBI, Baker uncovered himself connected with the beforehand stages the the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, particularly the international Intelligence security Act (FISA) warrant application against Carter Page.

Page to be a campaign aide come Trump in 2016, once federal agents used the not confirmed Trump dossier compiled by previous British spy Christopher Steele to to convince the FISA court to give them a warrant to spy on Page.

That warrant, and also the circumstances surrounding it, room being looked at by united state Attorney man Durham, who was appointed by Attorney general William Barr to review federal security abuses.

Baker has actually stood by his conduct throughout his time at the FBI and with regard come the Russia probe.

Speaking to Yahoo News in may 2019, the previous general counsel stated he would “welcome scrutiny” the his conduct.

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“I setup to totally cooperate through the department to aid them number out what happened. Since I think what happened was lawful, in ~ least based upon every item of info that i have,” he stated at the time.