Here, in mine opinion room the height 25 Texas Longhorns ( any position ) of every time. It"s been a tough few years, yet Texas football has no shortage that candidates because that the top-25 players of its long history.

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The Longhorns have actually come a long means since their first team played four games in 1893. They"ve won four national championships v 32 conference titles and had 2 players hoist the Heisman Trophy.

The roadway to those achievements was paved by a long line of good football players, starting with Bobby Layne in the 1940s, then prolonging to Vince Young and Colt McCoy in the 2000s.

Some of lock won nationwide awards and shattered college records; others presented amazing consistency in helping your teams achieve greatness together a whole. But they every made their mark on the history of the regime and collection the standard for every future player who desires to enjoy similar success.

Anthony Snodgrass says I"m going to go ahead and also list the optimal 3 football player on this topic as 1A, 1B, and 1C.... With these legends, over there is no # 2 or 3. They were all as great as it gets, and all three are the best to play their respected positions at the college of Texas.


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The legacy of #10

One that the Three best Longhorns of all Time.

Vince Young, Texas (2003-05)


Career Completions-Attempts-Interceptions: 444-718-28

Career happen Yards: 6,040

Career happen TDs: 44

Total career Yards: 9,215

Total career TDs: 81

Record together a Starter: 30-2

Accolades: 2005 large 12 attack Player of the Year, 2005 consensus All-American, 2005 Davey O"Brien compensation winner, 2005 Manning compensation winner, 2005 Maxwell compensation winner, 2006 BCS national Championship rose Bowl Most an useful Player.

Say what you will certainly – everyone has to admit it – yet as much as Texas Longhorns go, over there are more than likely very couple of in the background of the routine that have the right to compare to Vince Young"s sheer supremacy when he remained in Austin.




He may not have actually the laundry perform of awards that part Longhorns on my list do, but if you witnessed Young play in his prime, there to be no doubting his abilities. Even as a redshirt student in the first year backup, he placed up an excellent numbers consisting of 1,155 yards through the air and also another 998 on the ground. But in his 2 years together a starter in Austin, Young was basically unstoppable.

As a sophomore, the led the Longhorns to an 11-1 record and also the school"s first-ever rose Bowl appearance and also win, for which he was named MVP.

Then came 2005. Young came to be the an initial player in NCAA history to happen for 3,000 yards and also rush for an additional 1,000; just one various other player has actually done it since. That led the Longhorns in a dominant undefeated season capped through a national Championship winner in the increased Bowl versus a USC team the featured 2 Heisman winners.

If you are among the few who did not watch the game, don"t worry, the Longhorn Network practically plays that on repeat, together they should. Young placed the team top top his earlier and practically won that video game by himself. No one might find solution for him all season. A many credit goes come Mack Brown"s coaching staff for an altering the violation so that it would cater particularly to Young"s talents.

Young additionally played with among the many talented rosters native top-to-bottom in college football history, but there was no inquiry it was Vince Young"s team.

It to be nothing quick of a crime the he walk not win the Heisman the year; yet the All-American was awarded the O"Brien, the Maxwell, the Manning and multiple Player the the Year honors. He is among only four players in background to win the climbed Bowl MVP twice.

Raise your hand if you"re surprised to see Vince Young close to the optimal of the ideal all-time football player in Texas background ... I would imagine very couple of hands space raised. That"s due to the fact that Young to be an absolute difference machine when he stepped foot on the field. Young readily available a hazard as both a passer and runner, though his running an abilities are frequently most recognized, and understandably so. His job 6.8 yards per carry average top the Texas record books, and also his 3,127 job rushing yards ranks No. 4 in regime history.

He may have actually been a "flash in the pan" in the NFL, together he gradually faded into obscurity after a jaw-dropping rookie season, yet Young"s ar in college football is really much cemented. A 30-2 record, a national Championship and also a highlight reel the a college job was sufficient to obtain his jersey number "10" retirement in Austin. In the very same way, his accomplishments were absolutely enough to knife him one of the top spots on my list.

Simply put # 10 was amazing and also was a treat come Longhorn fans all over when he stepped on the ar in college.