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In a hurricane relief fundraiser in Texas critical October, ex-presidents made a rare appearance together.

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Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, invoice Clinton, George W. Bush and also Barack Obama appeared on stage to advanced money because that victims the the disaster—the an initial time because 2013 they had showed up alongside one another in public.


Former united state Presidents, Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton attend the Hurricane Relief concert in university Station, Texas, ~ above October 21, 2017Getty ImagesWith the death of George H.W. Shrub Friday, that was aged 94, their number is diminished.

The oldest surviving ex-president is now Jimmy Carter, who is 94 year old. The Democrat was elected to office in 1977 aged 52, and also served one term.

Democrat bill Clinton, who beat George H.W. Shrub in the 1992 presidential election is now 72 years old, and also was one of the youngest presidents ever chosen when he took office, aged 46, in 1993.

His successor to the White House, Republican George W. Bush, the 43rd chairman of the joined States—is George H.W Bush"s son. The 2 were just the 2nd father and also son in U.S. Background to both host the office that president. George W. Shrub is now 72 year old.

Barack Obama, who was elected president in 2008 after George W. Bush"s two regards to office, is 57 years old. He to be one year enlarge than fellow Democrat Clinton was once he take it office once he was elected.

All the living ex-presidents and incumbent Donald J. Trump have actually paid tribute to George H.W. Bush, with Trump praising his "essential authenticity, disarming wit, and unwavering commitment come faith, family, and also country."

There are 4 former an initial Ladies tho alive: Rosalynn Carter, Hillary Clinton—who was narrowly beat in her bid to become the very first female U.S. Chairman in 2016—Laura Bush and Michelle Obama.

Barbara Bush, mam of George H.W. Bush and mother the George W. Bush, died in April, age 92.

As newly as 2004 there were 6 current and also former presidents quiet alive, v Presidents Gerald Ford, and also Ronald Reagan not yet deceased, as well as Carter, Clinton, bush the elder and also George W. Bush, the incumbent.

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However together The Atlantic detailed in 2013, the number of presidents previous present and future lively at any type of one offered time is only knowable ~ above retrospect, through the publication identifying a high point of eighteen current, former and also future presidents alive in between August 1833 and June 1836.