FORT HOOD, Texas ( - ft Hood public representative report 26 soldiers have passed away this year in accidents, suicides, homicides, illness and pending cases; one addition soldier died in Iraq.

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So much this year castle say 5 have passed away in a homicide, the many the short article has watched in a single year dating ago to 2016.


Fort Hood 2020 deaths through category, compared to ahead years and other installations.(

2020 homicide deaths:

On march 1, Shelby Jones to be shot at a strip club in Killeen and died a short time later a convenience store on South ft Hood St.

Freddy Beningo Delacruz Jr. Was shot repeatedly and also killed in march 18. Authorities discovered him, another man and a woman all dead if responding to a call of a water leak at the Summerlyn Apartments on eastern Rancier Ave. In Killeen. U.S. Marshals arrested Barnard Lnell Morrow, 21, 5 months later in Mississippi on august 28 on funding murder charges.

On June 30, home builders working ~ above a fence follow me the Leon River discovered what appeared to be human being remains that were later figured out as those of Spc. Vanessa Guillen, 20, that was last watched sometime between 11:30 a.m. And also 12:30 p.m. Top top April 22 in the parking lot of her 3rd Cavalry Regiment engineer Squadron Headquarters.

She was murdered by an additional soldier, court papers show.

On might 18, the human body of Pfc. Brandon Scott Rosecrans, 27, to be shot along Fuller roadway in Harker Heights, multiple times, probably while he was asleep in the passenger seat of his 2016 Jeep, i beg your pardon was uncovered on fire almost three miles away.

Brandon Michael Olivares, 28, was arrested in his killing in August.

During a K9 search while Guillen to be still missing, the stays of Pvt. Second Class Gregory Wedel-Morales were discovered on June 19 in the 3200 block of Florence road in Killeen. Officials doubt foul play, though no arrests have been made. Morales disappeared on respectable 19, 2019.

2020 inadvertently deaths:

Eight died in some sort of accident, officials say. Pvt. Mejhor Morta drown July 17 at Stillhouse hole Lake, and Spc. Francisco Gilberto Hernandezvargas was identified in a drowning at holy place Lake Park on respectable 2nd.

Jakob Aton, 22, of science Hill, Ky., was struck and killed if attempting to direct traffic approximately vehicles involved in a minor crash top top U.S. Highway 190/Interstate 14 on august 12, and Pvt. Eric Christopher Hogan and also Pvt. Anthony Nevelle height both died in a two car crash in Williamson ar on February 1.

Texas army National security soldier, Sgt. Bradley Moore, passed away during a training exercise at fort Hood respectable 13.

2020 suicides:

Fort Hood public official say 6 have died by suicide this year, including Sgt. Elder Fernandes who preliminary autopsy report exit Tuesday ruled his fatality a suicide by hanging.

Spc. Aaron David Robinson, of Calumet City, Ill, the alleged murderer the Guillen shot self in the head early in the morning top top July 1 in the 4700 block of east Rancier Avenue together Killeen police officers approached him.

2020 illness deaths:

Two soldiers passed away of disease this year follow to officials, despite no names have actually been do public in those cases.

2020 undetermined/pending deaths:

Army public representative say over there are 5 pending deaths of fort Hood soldiers.

Spc. Christopher Wayne Sawyer, 29, was discovered dead in early March in one on-post residence; foul play was no suspected, however was no ruled out.

No various other pending deaths have been do public in ~ this time.

The 26 deaths so far this year, nears 2018 and 2017 full 12 month number of 28 and also 29 respectively.

Deaths in 2019: 38

15, to be accidents, five passed away of one illness, 17 passed away by suicide and also one is still pending.

Deaths in 2018: 28

Eight were accidents, three died of one illness, 16 through suicide and also one is undetermined/pending.

Deaths in 2017: 29

10 crashes left fort Hood soldiers dead in 2017, two were killed in homicides, two passed away of one illess, 14 died by suicide and also one is undetermined/pending.

Deaths in 2016: 37

16 passed away in some type of accident, four passed away of condition and 17 passed away by suicide.

Fort Campbell, v a similar soldier populace to fort Hood is reporting 15 deaths so far this year. 4 were accidents, 3 were eliminated in homicides, one died of an illness and 7 have passed away by suicide.

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Fort Bragg; which has nearly twin the soldier populace as ft Hood, is report 24 deaths so much this year, with five of lock happening in accidents, one homicide, seven from illness, ripe by suicide and also two still pending.


2020 Soldier Fatalities on major Installations, January 1 2020 – august 13 2020(



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