I gain lots of questions around sending treatment packages while her SIT is in straightforward Combat Training. Letter is constantly welcome at simple Training yet there room some rules approximately care packages.

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Before I acquire into that, emphasis on communication by sending out encouraging letters first and foremost. You can do that by:

Now, if you can’t wait to send a care package too, let’s get into what you deserve to send.


What You can Send to your Soldier in simple Training

Before your child or daughter left for simple training, they need to have had a list of whatever they needed. If anything to be missing, lock are carried to the PX on short article every couple of weeks to purchase required items.

The military has rules about care packages in basic training. The very very first question to answer is “Does your unit allow care packages?”

Find the out very first as there room units that permit care packages and also some the don’t.

Also keep in psychic they have actually very restricted space in their barracks so keep your care packages small. Additionally if you send an individual items favor deodorant or soap, put them in a sealed zip lock kind of bag.

This list is much more of a guide. Back there might be various other items that have the right to be included, be certain to ask her soldier in maintain (SIT) around the unit’s rules for care packages.

Address bookBaby wipes, unscentedBar soap, unscentedBlack PensCash much less than $50Dental floss Deodorant, unscentedDigital clock (black band)EnvelopesFeminine restroom productsHair gel (unscented)Hair ties (black)JournalLip Balm, unflavoredLotion, unscentedMoleskin file (white lined)PencilsPermanent marker (black)Self-addressed stamped envelopesStampsToothbrushToothpasteLaundry Soap (unscented)Nail clippers (no file)Shampoo/conditioner comboFlushable wipes, unscentedRazors (Males ONLY)Travel dimension Kleenex packagesReligious medallionsWhite calf length socks (no logos)Combination lock (plain black/silver)Underwear (briefs, white)Fine/medium tooth comb (helps v female hair)

Send your care packages to simple training through the unified States short article Office (USPS.)

You deserve to get care package mailing provides from USPS sent to your residence (at no cost) that encompass priority mail boxes, tape and address labels. Although friend can acquire the package provides at no cost, sending the package is no free. Examine the USPS website for present pricing.

Order your military treatment package kit.

Be certain to stop sending any type of mail around 2 mainly before straightforward graduation.

You can inspect the separation, personal, instance website because that Army straightforward Combat maintain for treatment package information:


Your soldier in training will love hearing from you as they change from civilian to soldier! Be certain to save writing letters of encouragement.

If you perform send a treatment package, save it small and only contained needed items.

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I expect you uncovered this list useful for what you deserve to send in a care package to your SIT in basic Training.