Fort Jackson, south Carolina is an military Training Center. This is the Army’s main an easy Combat maintain site; roughly fifty percent of all new recruits pertained to Fort Jackson for your initial military training. Ft Jackson is located in the resources city, Columbia, south Carolina, and also sits top top a sprawling 53,000-acre area.

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Find information about Fort Jackson, consisting of the main commercial and DSN numbers for the base, details on an easy services, basic transportation, lodging for TDY and also PCSing personnel, and in processing.

Mission & Units

Basic Combat Training is one of the key missions at ft Jackson, yet it’s no the just training the happens at this army post. Other objectives include:


U.S. Army Soldier support InstituteDepartment of Defense Chaplain Center and SchoolDefense Academy because that Credibility Assessment

Other important operations at ft Jackson include:

120th AG Battalion157th Infantry Brigade165th Infantry Brigade171st Infantry Brigade193rd Infantry Brigade


Fort Jackson is named after the President and South Carolina native Andrew Jackson. Choose many military bases, the age of the fort is impressive–it acquired its’ begin in 1917 as a training website for infantry troops.

From 1925 come 1940 the ft (then known as Camp Jackson) was provided to train national Guard troops but 1940 to be the year it became a permanent part of the Army’s roster together a garrison. This is as soon as “Camp” gave method to “Fort” in the name.

At the finish of world War Two, a variety of army bases were converted to demobilization centers and also eventually closeup of the door down. Fort Jackson was no to experience that fate–it was instead used together a training center once again.

Since 1995, the ft has gained a range of missions and also training facilities including the Defense Academy because that Credibility Assessment, the U.S. Army Soldier support Institute, and room of Defense Chaplain School.

All the in enhancement to being the most active simple Combat training base operation by the Army. Just how active? main sources case that the fort is responsible for training fully half of today’s new soldiers and 60 percent the the ladies joining the Army.


Main ft Jackson attend to And phone Numbers

9810 Lee RoadFort Jackson, SC 29207


Important fort Jackson contact Numbers

Barracks/Single service Member real estate (803) 751-1636Base Operator (803) 751-7511Civilian Personnel Office (803) 751-3219Dental Clinics (803) 751-6213Emergency 911Finance Office (803) 751-4565Hospital/Medical treatment Facility (877) 273-5584Housing services Office (803) 751-7566ID/CAC Card handling (803) 751-7731Information and Referral (803) 751-4862Law Enforcement (803) 751-3114Legal Services and also JAG (803) 751-4287Medical Appointments (877) 273-5584Personnel support Office (803) 751-7673Post staff Duty (803) 751-5166

Surrounding Area

Fort Jackson is located in the state capitol. Columbia–said to be the second-largest city in southern Carolina. The area has actually plenty of regional color and also unique features. In enhancement to being among the few locations in the United says for “dedicated puppet theater,” this area is additionally known because that Assembly Street, i m sorry was constructed incredibly vast even by today’s standards–and that style was enforced in the 18th century.

Why so wide? local legends say the it was due to the fact that the developers hoped the road would it is in “too vast for mosquitos to cross” according to one DoD source.

Another local landmark, Dreher Shoals Dam AKA “Lake Murray Dam” just outside the city, to be once taken into consideration the biggest earthen dam in the world–at the very least in the early on 20th century.

And about an hour and 15 minutes from maritime Corps Air terminal Beaufort, i m sorry features coastline tours, island day trips together as searching Island State Park. There is several outdoor adventure here–those that love boating, kayaking, and fishing will find much to perform here.

Inprocessing and also Check-In

In handling is different for civilians and soldiers; all soldiers should be in uniform (the common uniform that the day is the army Combat Uniform) and also are recommend to “be sure that friend have sufficient uniforms through you to begin duty ~ in-processing”.

All long-term party brand-new arrivals (not trainees) are to report in uniform to 5450 temperament Thurmond Boulevard during consistent duty hours Monday v Friday. Those getting here after duty hours must contact their acquiring unit come check-in.

Civilians check in need to go to the Civilian Personnel Advisory facility (5450 temperament Thurmond Blvd) and also bring their us passport, birth certificate, or certificate that naturalization.

Health Care

Fort Jackson has multiple choices for those who desire on-post healthcare. Over there is a key medical facility–Moncrief military Health Clinic–which handles an impressive yearly caseload of some 400,000 outpatient clinic appointments alone. Services include but may no be restricted to:

Preventive CareUrgent & Emergency CareMental HealthSubstance AbuseLab TestsRadiologySpecialty CarePharmacyVisionWomen’s health and wellness & PregnancyChildren’s Health

There is also a Troop medical Clinic, a Reception medical Clinic and also an off-base primary treatment center referred to as Moncrief clinical Home. Contact for appointments: 803-751-2273. There are likewise in-network TRICARE element options.

Child Care

Fort Jackson is served by lot of Child development Centers (official resources can’t agree on how many) offering child care for children aged six weeks to five years of age. At the very least one facility on fort Jackson has in the past offered 24/7 operations yet you will need to contact the fort Jackson CDC office to learn what is right now available.

Waiting lists might apply and also in normal times you may wish to consider using the ft Jackson family members Child treatment (FCC) network to fill the gap in treatment if needed. FCC dwellings are regulated and monitored. However, COVID-19 limitations may border the availability of together care options depending on existing health defense levels.

Household Goods

All inbound PCSing troops space directed to track and also manage their family members goods shipping via the Defense an individual Property system at Girlfriend can additionally get neighborhood support native the fort Jackson Inbound TMO in ~ 803-751-5137.

Dependent and also Retiree ID map Renewal, Replacement, brand-new Issue

All i would card solutions at fort Jackson are handled by ID/CAC card Processing. You have the right to reach them in ~ (803) 751-7731, however in general appointments because that the following services do not call for appointments at push time:

-DEERS Update-PIN Reset-DD form 1172-2 Printout-Agent letters

ID map appointments can otherwise be booked via the RAPIDS device at utilizing the ft Jackson id Cards website ID: 102071


There room multiple alternatives at ft Jackson once it involves education for school-age children. Over there is a DoD school option–this base has actually schools operation by residential Dependent elementary school and an additional Schools (DDESS) i beg your pardon is component of the DoD Education task (DoDEA).

There space two elementary schools on post, center schoolers who live on base are served by Dent center School.

Those that live off post are served by Richland institution District 1 or Richland district 2. Call the fort Jackson school Support solutions office (803-751-6150) for existing information on move requirements including shot records, immunizations and vaccinations, etc.


Single and unaccompanied soldiers there is no dependents PCSing to ft Jackson (up come E5) will live in a “single soldiers complex”. E1s-E4s are assigned a exclusive bedroom with a mutual kitchenette. Solitary soldiers E6 and over are permitted to live off base.

Family members can apply for on-post housing through the army Housing business Office (AHSO), however in every cases, single or unaccompanied, AHSO must be your an initial stop–do not enter into legitimate binding housing arrangements without checking in v AHSO first.

On write-up housing is privatized and operated by ft Jackson household Homes. Waiting lists might apply and dog owner must inspect in with AHSO to discover what breeds space currently limited (there is a list). Call 803-751-7567 for more information.

PCS and TDY Lodging

Temporary lodging for TDY and also PCSing troops at fort Jackson is provided by IHG military Hotel fort Jackson. IHG hotels accept reservations in advancement but it’s finest to contact them early–TDY and also PCS season may develop a absence of availability in the area.

Call 877-711-8326. Pet-friendly facilities may be limited or unavailable depending on circumstances and also demand–when call for bookings ask about local kenneling options in the area.


Columbia city Airport is some 20 miles away from fort Jackson, and the usual ride sharing and also commercial shuttles/taxi services might be accessible depending ~ above time that arrival, demand, rush hour, etc.

Coordinate with your sponsor ahead of your take trip to the area–you’ll desire to recognize what come expect depending on your date and also time the arrival. Rush hour have the right to complicate trips native the airport to the base.

Another option, some 90 mile from the base, is Charlotte international Airport.

Vehicle Registration and also Driver’s License

All privately owned vehicles operation on short article must have present paperwork, chauffeurs must have present military ID and current driver’s licenses, and motorcycle riders are forced to happen a security course if they are under 25 years of age.

All vehicles room subject come a 100% id check and random searches at any type of time.

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All vehicles need to comply with southern Carolina requirements consisting of applicable emissions testing, safety tools (seat belt use and helmet usage for motorcyclists), and all state-required insurance coverage need to be brought as directed. Cabinet phone usage while steering is restricted.