Holland America line is pleased to check that Broward County and also the combined Command clearing both Zaandam and also Rotterdam because that arrival to port Everglades in fort Lauderdale, Florida, to disembark guest who are fit to travel per guidelines from the U.S. Centers for disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We extend our thank you gratitude come President… read an ext of “Zaandam and…”

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Following that inaugural Europe season in 2016, Holland America Line’s brand-new ms Koningsdam will certainly homeport at port Everglades in ft Lauderdale, Fla. The ship will kick off the Caribbean season with a four-day cruise to the Bahamas, followed by a collection of diverse itineraries criss-crossing the region from autumn 2016 with March 2017. The seven-day… read an ext of “Koningsdam to…”


Mike Faust, editor that Cruise Currents, is currently sailing on board Eurodam because that a seven-night eastern Caribbean cruise and also will be chronicling his trip for us. Here is his very first post. Well, i am finally on board Holland America Line’s beautiful multiple sclerosis Eurodam, and I am currently blown far by HAL! This morning started with… read more of “Cruise Diary:…”


Hello again from the Netherlands. The last couple of weeks we have remained in Florida to record some sun. We observed 4 HAL pearl in Ft Lauderdale. Right here you’ll uncover pictures of Noordam, Zuiderdam and Westerdam native Friday, December 3 and Eurodam indigenous December 4.

Travel Journalist and also co-creator of CruiseReport.com kris Dikman is currently sailing on board Nieuw Amsterdam and also will be sending out in cruise diaries transparent the expression of his voyage. It’s a liven day in harbor Everglades. Over there are 6 ships embarking/disembarking today, prefer every Saturday. Within simply a couple of hours, 20,000 world will gain off of… read more of “Cruise Diary:…”

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Last month, Eurodam docked at harbor Everglades’ Pier 26 for the last time this season. Throughout the embarkation and also disembarkation procedure shore-side, Holland America Line’s Ft. Lauderdale-based shore operations department, led by local manager Sally Stirn, guided guests through the embarkation procedure as they came down on the port. The coast operations department employs around 150… read more of “Meet HAL’s…”