Fort precious Beauty school prides itself in going past the basics in our education and learning approach. Us teach not only what will assist you pass the state plank exam, but so lot more. Ours school’s clinic floor gives student’s ample chance to work on client at a lessened rate. This allows the student to end up being proficient and excel in your confidence and techniques that will enable them to immediately go to job-related in a salon of their choice when they graduate and also receive their license. The business side the the beauty sector is an extremely important come the future cosmetologist and also our educators space constantly reinforcing those areas with classes and also examples of your own, to assist each student be effective in the business world of beauty beauty either as a Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Manicurist or Instructor.

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This 1000-hour fun-filled regimen designed come take your creativity and also artsy side and turn it into a enthusiasm for what you love! Hair, Skin and nails. Beginning with the basics, us will include the methods that will assist you develop your speed, dexterity and also fashion for success. Through a full time schedule you can complete this regimen in much less than one year, receive your license and begin her career.


This 750-hour routine is designed come prepare you because that the human being of skin in a spa atmosphere. You will certainly again find out the basics, however our education and learning gives you several extra certifications the will give you a step ahead once you graduate and also begin her career. Ours educators are highly trained, and we are a Dermalogica partner School, which provides the added benefit of your education and also products.


This 600-hour regime is all around nail technology. Learning to pamper your clients in a peaceful atmosphere, providing them the feeling of comfort together with the company they room requesting the main emphasis of her training. The suitable procedures for manicures, oil manicures, pedicures and state board requirements will also be taught.

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This 750-hour regime is design to education a license is granted individual in the manner the will allow them to work in a cosmetology institution as an instructor. Because the student already has a patent in the area of examine for which castle trained, class are more about lesson planning, suitable teaching methodology, great teaching and also lecture settings. Monitoring of educators and assisting will certainly be their method of learning in this program.