Investigation into fatal shoot ongoing; cook releases video clip Monday showing moments leading up to deadly encounter

Fort worth Chief the Police Neil Noakes played a few seconds of bodycam video Monday showing the moment leading approximately a deadly officer-involved shooting Sunday afternoon."data-ellipsis="false">

Fort worth Chief that Police Neil Noakes played a couple of seconds of bodycam video Monday mirroring the moments leading approximately a deadly officer-involved shooting Sunday afternoon.

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Noakes included to preliminary details released Sunday speak they were releasing a very short clip indigenous the officer"s bodycam and also that components were intentionally "blanked out" the end of respect because that the human being who shed his life, figured out Monday by the Tarrant County medical Examiner together 31-year-old Ryan O"Neal Williams.

The chief said Monday policemans were dubbed at 1:34 p.m. Sunday around a guy who was attempting come steal a van "using force" top top Fairview Street.

By the moment the officer come in the area 4 minutes later, Noakes said several various other calls had actually been put to 911 report the same male was do the efforts to traction over and also take various other cars.



Noakes said the an initial officer ~ above the step spotted a man corresponding the one described by callers on gyeongju Street. Noakes claimed the officer traction his patrol automobile in front of the male who then turned and also ran in the other direction.

When the officer gained out the his squad car and also turned in Williams" direction, Noakes stated the officer saw a handgun in the man"s hand and also began come yell because that him to drop the weapon.

Witness Scott Ross called NBC 5 ~ above Sunday once the officer jumped out of the car, he heard him yell, "Stop, stop, stop" before he heard gunshots.

In a short segment of the bodycam video released Monday afternoon, Noakes stated Williams did no drop his weapon and also instead elevated his arm, spicy his gun in ~ the officer, and also fired at the very least one shot. Noakes stated the officer responded v deadly force, shoot at least six times and also fatally wounding Williams.

"This is a disastrous situation, any means you look at it," Noakes said. "A life to be lost and anytime a life is shed it"s a tragic situation."

Noakes said a witness come the shoot corroborated the story that Williams pointed his weapon in ~ the officer. Bodycam video was shown by Noakes Monday afternoon, that said, shows up to show a speed or a puff that smoke coming from Williams" weapon indicating that fired it at the officer.

During a news conference Monday afternoon, Noakes an initial showed the quick clip at typical speed prior to showing it again frame by frame, to display how quickly the instance developed and to shot to present what the officer saw when he exited his vehicle.

In the final few frames of the video, Noakes claimed a gun to be visible in Williams" hand and also that he then increased his arm towards the officer prior to a puff the smoke shows up in the following frame.

Noakes added that much more evidence is essential to check whether the man fired top top the officer.

Police are very early top top in your investigation into the shooting, Noakes said, and also that the officer involved, a four-year veteran of the department, is on routine governmental leave pending the outcome of that investigation.

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The chief request anyone with video clip of the incident, native phones, doorbell cameras, or any type of other source, to please share that through them so that it may be taken into consideration as evidence in the investigation.