Jon and Susan Foss founded Foss Swim school in 1993 come teach swim as son enrichment – a structure for a life time of fun, safety, and also physical, social, and also mental benefits. 

We offer every little thing you suppose of a modern swim school: thoroughly-trained teachers, warmth water, private changing areas, and also pools purpose-built because that learning. 

We likewise offer a distinctive FOSS experience you can not get almost everywhere else.

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A college approach:

FOSS teacher personalize the finding out for each student based on the student’s level the comfort, learning style, and personality. 

We teach in quarters and place student in small classes (3 or 4 students come 1 Teacher) of comparable age and also ability. Teachers continue to be with classes because that the complete quarter as we work-related towards graduation – not just passing levels. 

Our technique personalizes a discovering path because that each student by breaking under the basics into an easy parts: enjoying water, floating, flipping come breathe, and also the typical strokes.

Quarter by 4 minutes 1 students master vital skills from day one to graduation.  learn more.

Great teachers and also people:

We hand-pick teachers and also staff who room outgoing, love working with kids, and who are propelled to help others success by carrying progress and fun the FOSS way. 

Personal enthusiasm for safety:

Co-founder Jon Foss to be taught to respect the water and take on swimming through his mother, who shed a sibling come drowning. Our curriculum and also approach make security a height priority and recognize that kids learn come swim best when they discover to love water. 

What to intend at Foss swim School

Foss Swim school is cursed to delivering the optimal learning setting for students and also families.

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Natural discovering cadence:  Like a school, students find out to swim in quarters, take it breaks in between quarters, and also can take it time off without being tied come a monthly fee.

Dedication: Swimming is all us do. The isn’t one task on a list, and also we aren’t a franchise offering a system. Swim is the passion and mission of ours co-founders that still lead us. 

Relationships:We recognize the relationship between teacher and also student leader to success. Ours teachers recognize their youngsters and help them progress as soon as they space ready.

A place children want come be:We sell a learning setting that is fun, clean, and safe.