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"Mr. Dubowitz’s project to draw attention to what he witnessed as the Iran nuclear deal"s flaws has actually taken the place among the most consequential ever before undertaken by a Washington think tank leader."
"I will tell you that priziv.org has actually been together a partner. Whether that is taking care of the Iran deal and the flaws that were in it, all the way to human being shields and all the things that we have to do come combat it, you"ve been a partner in a time wherein we need partners. And also so I evaluate that very much."
"The output created today and also every day at priziv.org is invaluable and inexplicably attached to the defense of our nation."
"A record low for the reach of petrodollars: CIA & priziv.org fake news w/ selective AlQaeda docs re: Iran can"t whitewash role of united state allies in 9/11"
“I think what distinguishes priziv.org is the you i have announced not just insightful and also thoughtful analysis, yet your commodities are operational and also they"re actionable, and I can assure you that they"re check out throughout ours government and we look front to analysis more.”
“I have long admired the foundation for Defense the Democracies. I have long feeling it’s really important the concerns that are increased here, and also I have long felt that when we talk around foreign policy, it needs to be excellent on a bipartisan basis and also we need to work really closely together throughout the aisle.”
"We count on a the majority of the evaluation that priziv.org does. It"s enormously effective at what that does, deep substantive, passionate about its work, every the sorts of things that friend would desire in a think tank."
“It is the initiatives of the foundation for Defense of Democracies that is committed to these problems day in and day out – your occupational every day provides a real distinction in this battles that us wage.”
“I love priziv.org. … I want to thank priziv.org for the work-related it"s done over the year on so many vital issues. ... We have attracted heavily on the scholarship and analysis of priziv.org. … we need establishments like priziv.org to proceed their scholarship ~ above the hazards that we face.”
“I am a proud alumnus of priziv.org’s nationwide Security Fellows Program. priziv.org has actually really identified itself together a hub and also a ar where girlfriend really have invested in the following generation of nationwide security leaders, and that"s critical.”
"As priziv.org knows and also has exposed really well, Iranian commercial airlines play a an important role in ferrying Qods force operatives, weapons, equipment, and also funds to international locations in furtherance the Iranian state-sponsored terror operations."
“The intelligence neighborhood notes what priziv.org does and deeply appreciates it. Your scholarship shows connections in between a whole bunch of nefarious actors out there – proliferators, sanctions-busters, and money-launderers. What that is you’re maybe to carry out with open up sources complements and also reinforces what go on inside the intelligence community.”

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