Democracy money is an independent and also nonpartisan, private foundation that confronts deep-rooted difficulties in American democracy when defending against brand-new threats. Due to the fact that 2014, we have made grants of an ext than $150 million in support of those working to strengthen our democracy through the pursuit of a vibrant and diverse public square, totally free and same elections, effective and also accountable government, and also a just and inclusive society.

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A first-generation American, Pierre Omidyar developed Democracy money out that a deep respect for the U.S. Constitution and also our nation’s core autonomous values. Pierre to trust we have actually a public responsibility come support and defend just democratic institutions. Every of us has a stake in ensuring that world with different perspectives controversy and relatively determine the concerns of the country, when protecting the dignity and equal legal rights of every individual.

Today, our republic encounters extraordinary challenges that threaten the principles of our Constitution and also the toughness of our union. Hyper-partisanship, growing inequality, and also technology’s disruption of our media and also economy have emerged as deep hazards to American democracy alongside much older challenges like structure racism, the affect of money in politics, and also unresponsive politics institutions. While our political system is resilient and also has withstood through time of serious stress, the ongoing health and also vitality of our republic relies on every of us standing against immediate threats and also engaging in the long struggle come ensure the our nation lives approximately its autonomous ideals.

We envision one open and just democracy that is durable in the confront of readjust and worthy the the American people’s trust.

To acquire there, Democracy fund champions the leaders who protect democracy and also who challenge our political device to be an ext open and just.

Democracy money is cursed to advancing and defending a set of core ideas — seven pillars of one open and also just democracy that guide our grantmaking and shape our work.

We believe in the dignity that every individual and also in the equal defense of their civil liberties under the law.

We think all world have intrinsic value and that bigotry in any kind undermines ours democracy. We need to protect and also preserve the rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

We believe that voting is the cornerstone of our democracy.

Every eligible American should have actually an equal opportunity to vote in poll that space free, fair, accessible, and also secure. Voters should additionally have accessibility to diverse sources of details to assist them make informed judgments in between candidates who reflect meaningful choices and whom voters trust to represent their interests. Further, our election device should sell candidates a level play field. The should administer voters with confidence in the verity of choice outcomes and assurance the they have a voice in our democracy.

We think a just and equitable political system must eliminate structural barriers to certain historically excluded communities have coherent influence in our democracy.

America’s diversity is among its biggest strengths. Ours democracy depends on our ability to work across our numerous dimensions of distinction to accomplish the common good. Our shameful background of enslavement and also abuse toward indigenous communities, and also the continuous marginalization the groups based on their identity, to decrease our country and our politics. To achieve a just and equitable democracy, we have to amplify the efforts of unjustly marginalized groups to it is in heard, stand versus those that promote bigotry and also hate, and also dismantle barriers that stop equitable representation in our political system.

We think that constitutional checks and also balances and also respect because that the dominance of law are critical to protect versus abuses the power.

First amongst these checks are three co-equal branches of government and a federal system of state and local governments. Respect because that the ascendancy of law and also transparency of federal government also assist ensure fair and equal therapy of every individuals and also groups. Live independence institutions, media, and also civil society play one additional critical role in holding those in strength accountable to the Constitution, the law, and also the people. Finally, the general public retains the ideal to petition or protest non-violently versus those in power without fear of retaliation or significant repercussions.

We think that a healthy democracy cannot exist there is no a participatory, vibrant public square, including an independent, free press.

Democracy no just about Election Day. Energetic community engagement and a strong civic fabric improve the top quality of our public life, aid communities settle problems, and also support civic education. Participation builds and reflects publicly confidence in the politics system. It additionally signals that people believe both your voice and also the establishments of our democracy matter. Robust, dynamic media notify the public, expose them to different viewpoints, and help them see their lives and interests reflected in our nationwide conversation.

We believe that educated dialogue and also principled deteriorate are important to governing a large, diverse, and complicated society like America.

At the very least two healthy and competitive political next are forced to check each other’s power and ensure the minority viewpoints are represented in the policymaking process. In this context, no party stop a lock on good or negative ideas. Instead, dialogue, cooperation, and also principled damage within and also between the parties produce sustainable plans that have broader support and also reflect diverse perspectives and also ideas — even if the procedure can be slow and messy.

We think that politics leaders and also elected officials be afflicted with an uncommon burden come act v integrity.

In their words and actions, political leaders and elected public representative should show a deep respect for autonomous values, the U.S. Constitution, and also the dignity of every individual. They need to put the public’s ideal interest front of their very own private interests and inspire confidence the they space representing your constituents. Furthermore, political leaders and also elected officials need to speak honestly come the people and also deal in facts. Because that democracy to remain healthy, the people must have the ability to have to trust in their political leaders and institutions, and also trust that our political mechanism is fair and also able to supply on its core responsibilities.

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Democracy money champions the leaders who safeguard democracy and also who challenge our political device to be much more open and just.