St. Louis police police officers Randy Hays, right, and Bailey Colletta leaving the federal courthouse following their very first court appearances on Friday, Nov. 30, 2018. Hays is among three officers charged with kicking and beating an undercover officer and Colletta is charged v lying to a grand jury to cover the up during a night that police protests last year. Photo by Robert Cohen, rcohen

ST. Luigi — A commonwealth judge top top Tuesday sentenced a previous St. Luigi police officer to 4 years and three months in jail for beating an undercover colleague during a street protest in 2017.

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Randy Hays, that is white, pleaded guilty in 2019 to committing deprivation of legal rights under the shade of legislation by hitting undercover Detective Luther Hall, who is Black, multiple times v a baton and shoving him to the ground also though hall was no a danger to officers and there was no probable reason to arrest him.

Hays claimed in a statement to the judge that he was remorseful because that his actions, and his attorney claimed he was functioning to it is in a good father to his 5-year-old daughter.

“I am greatly sorry for the affect my actions resulted in (Hall) and his family,” Hays said. “I am a great person, however I do a mistake.”

Hall stated in a statement read by prosecutors the he to be an energetic person before the assault who was proud of his job and also went out of his means to take on distinct projects and assignments v the department.

“Now, mine outlook ~ above life, people and this point we speak to ‘cultural policing’ has forever changed,” he wrote.

He outlined the pain indigenous wounds to his lip, jaw, tailbone and neck and said he struggles with depression, anxiety and post-traumatic anxiety disorder that have adhered to the beating.

“The days ns can’t sleep, i lay in mine bed in the dark and also all ns hear is the sound of my camera hitting the ground and people yelling regulates at me,” he wrote.

“The feeling of helplessness deserve to be overwhelming,” one household member claimed in a letter read by the judge. “What provides it even an ext heartbreaking is just how (proud) Luther felt being a member of law enforcement. ... He has felt betrayed, and also rightfully so.”

Hays’ attorney, Greg Smith, argued for a lessened sentence, speak his customer had taken duty for a beating that was “wrong” and also “against his training.”

Smith added that Hays’ peers taken into consideration him an exemplary police officer, reading a letter indigenous a previous partner who claimed Hays was considered “one of the an excellent ones.”

Prosecutors had asked U.S. Ar Judge E. Richard Webber come sentence Hays to simply less than six years in prison.

Webber stated he had to balance “accountability and also mercy” in his ruling and also sentenced Hays come the four years and also three months, complied with by two years of managed release.

Hays is the very first of three policemans to it is in sentenced for their functions in the events during and after the beating of Hall. Hall at the time was working undercover monitoring a protest following the acquittal of former St. Luigi police Officer Jason Stockley in the shooting fatality of a black man.

Hays’ colleague, Bailey Colletta, that pleaded guilty come lying to the FBI and a grand jury around the assault, is collection to it is in sentenced later this week.

Former Officer Dustin Boone was recently convicted by a jury that deprivation of legal rights under the color of regulation for his function in the beating. He will be sentenced at a later date.

Another former officer, Christopher Myers, remains charged with destroying evidence indigenous the scene. The is unclear even if it is prosecutors will certainly take him to trial for the 3rd time after two juries have been unable to decide whether that tried to damage Hall’s cellphone come impede any type of investigation of an assault.

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