Four Seasons full Landscaping, the Philadelphia company that acquired fame after serving as the backdrop of a Trump campaign press conference Saturday, has launched a heat of T-shirts and also other commodities with puns based upon phrases supplied by the president. 

On Sunday, the agency released a collection of T-shirts, hoodies and stickers v the business’s logo, in addition to “Lawn and Order” and also “Make America Rake Again.” 

According to NPR, the company added face masks to its repertoire of was on Monday, and by Tuesday, all the items had sold out. 

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The landscaping firm announced ~ above its Facebook page Tuesday the it would certainly be temporary halting sales on most items due to an inability to keep up with the demand for the products. 

"We space overwhelmed by the outpouring of support we"ve received! you all space amazing!" the article said. “We will start shipping the end orders on Saturday! us will upgrade you when brand-new quantities (and brand-new items) become available.” 

Saturday’s press conference, i beg your pardon featured Trump’s an individual lawyer and former new York City mayor Rudy Giuliani

Rudy GiulianiMidterms are coming: will certainly we acquire answers on Jan. 6 before it"s too late? Subpoenas display Jan. 6 panel"s focus on Trump"s plan Jan. 6 committee subpoenas Stephen Miller, Kayleigh McEnany MORE, drew attention on society media after ~ the president an initial tweeted about the event in the morning, creating that it would certainly be hosted at the Philadelphia four Seasons hotel. 

The tweet was conveniently deleted, and also Trump sent out a new tweet clarifying the it would instead be organized at the landscaping company, i beg your pardon is situated near a sex shop, a crematorium and also a jail.

Big press conference now in Philadelphia at 4 Seasons full Landscaping — 11:30am!

— Donald J. Trumped (
realDonaldTrump) November 7, 2020


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It is still unclear why Trump’s team chose Four Seasons total Landscaping together the place for the event, where Giuliani repetitive Trump’s insurance claim that President-elect Joe Biden

Joe BidenFlorida Republicans poll to border vaccine mandates invoice honoring 13 business members eliminated in Afghanistan top to Biden"s desk Overnight Defense & nationwide Security — presented by Boeing — Pentagon vows more airstrike transparency more won solely due to the fact that of widespread instances of voter fraud. This has because been debated by experts, election officials and also local courts. 

Four periods Landscaping’s newfound call has likewise led come the creation of the Fraud Street Run, one 11-mile event beginning at the neighborhood business and ending at the 4 Seasons hotel. The operation is meant to advantage hunger nonprofit Philabundance and, as of Wednesday afternoon, the occasion had raised almost $11,400. 

The race founder, Jeff Lyons, called Billy penn that the event is reserved for Nov. 29, and also the only rules for participation space that everyone need to wear a mask and also social distance along the route. Attendees are also encouraged come donate $10 to the nonprofit. 

The associated Press and also other significant news outlets reported the Biden was the projected election winner Saturday, although trump has because refused to concede based upon his insurance claims without proof that there have actually been multiple cases of voter fraud in an attempt by democracy to steal the choice from him. 

The projections came secs after Biden"s command in Pennsylvania prospered to an ext than 30,000 votes after Philadelphia reported around 3,000 ballots.