Macy’s fireworks show will pop and also crackle come the rhythm of patriotic tunes consisting of “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “America the Beautiful"

The new York City skyline lit up as soon as again v the sound that explosions and bright lights v the return the the annual Macy’s fireworks display."data-ellipsis="false">

With brand-new York top top the cusp of totally reopening, this 4th of July is shaping as much as be quite a solemn event in the city.

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Last year’s independence Day festivities were mainly halted as result of surging COVID-19 cases, statewide restrictions, and also no available vaccine in sight. Now, through most constraints lifted and 70 percent of adult in brand-new York having actually at least one dose of the vaccine, Macy’s top fireworks display is earlier on – through some changes, that course.

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Here’s your overview to where, when and also how you can celebrate America’s self-reliance in new York as the city starts to reopen.


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For Non-vaccinated brand-new Yorkers:

Public viewing because that those who have actually not to be vaccinated deserve to watch indigenous designated waterfront areas in Queens, Brooklyn, and also Manhattan.

Citing health and safety reasons, event officials advice all spectators to examine their website for the latest details on entry details and also public city hall locations.