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Mike Fowler bring his honor and credibility into every backyard hewalks into. After very early start as a swimming pool technician for his family"s established pool business, Fowler"s pool Service, own by Bob and Marty Fowler for 39 years, Mike is proceeding the family tradition. He looks forward to bringing his pool service knowledge and repair specialization to every those in the Jamul and also Rancho mountain Diego communities.

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Solutions For her Jamul Pool: swimming pool Service, Pool devices Repair, equipment Installation, and Green come Clean are Our Specialties

Rancho mountain Diego

Solutions For her Rancho san Diego Pool: swimming pool Service, Pool tools Repair, tools Installation, and also Green come Clean room Our Specialties

Live in the Jamul or Rancho san Diego and looking for top quality pool service? inquiry your cost-free pool service and also repair estimate today!

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Maintenance & pool Cleaning

Spend more time enjoying your pool and less time preserving it! Mike Fowler’s Pool organization offers routine swimming pool and also filter clean service.


Pool CleanER devices Repair

Mike Fowler is an proficient repair man and works ~ above most species of swimming pool equipment. That is manufacturing facility trained on all Pentair pool tools products.


New tools Installation

If new pool tools is required, Mike Fowler has actually experience installation most types of pool equipment and also is manufacturing facility trained ~ above Pentair pool devices products.

About Mike Fowler

As a proud member the the eastern County community, Mike Fowler is happy to bring both his pool skills as well together his business sense to Jamul and Rancho san Diego.

Mike Fowler, owner the Mike Fowler’s swimming pool Service, prospered up in Jamul, attend Jamul Elementary, Steele Canyon High School and earned his Eagle Scout award in Troops 155/355. He now lives in Jamul with his wife and also son that is now attending Jamul Elementary.

Mike got very early start in the swimming pool business, serving together a pool technician for Fowler’s pool Service, a successful pool service and repair business owned by his parents, Bob and also Marty Fowler, for an ext than 39 years. Now, with numerous years of pool service and pool cleaner devices repair suffer under his belt, Mike Fowler continues the household tradition of transferring expert and also reliable pool service to the Rancho san Diego and Jamul communities.

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Mike Fowler


Mike Fowler


Mike Fowler


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