MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -- Police room investigating a pedestrian killed on I-65 near Airport Boulevard Wednesday night. Authorities said a witness reported the the victim to be walking in the center of the road when a driver swerved to miss him and the vehicle behind that hit the man. Fox 10 News …

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A resurfacing project is underway on airport Boulevard, and also a lot of motorists are saying it"s lengthy overdue.The 3 month task looks to boost the roadway problems on the highly traveled, and congested, road.


After gift cancelled twice before because of the pandemic -- one abbreviated nationwide Police Week gained underway in ours nation"s resources Wednesday.


Spanish fort High School has officially opened up a brand-new playground and activities center for some of its students. Impairment students over there now have actually a revamped outdoor space to speak to their own. It’s thanks to the 3-mil home tax for schools voters approved in 2019.

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA ) -– A four-month examination by the Mobile Police room Narcotics and Vice Unit netted 19 arrests and took guns and drugs off the streets, authorities announced Wednesday.


Family and friends gathered Wednesday at the senior citizen"s facility of Dauphin Island Parkway to honor Private an initial Class Taylor Howard on his 103th birthday.

parents say Walgreens incorrectly injected them and their two kids with the COVID-19 vaccine instead of flu shot

guy arrested and also charged in death of mrs fatally shooting by toddler if on Zoom job-related call, authorities say

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"The Voice" star Samuel Harness and The Challenge"s Jeremiah White join hold Daryn Carp to recap the best stories and also best moment in fact TV.

The London-born actress, who stars in the Paramount+ comedy Queenpins and Netflix"s upcoming DC Comic series The Sandman, credits her stable success to advice she"s received: "You need to have this voice in her head that says you deserve to absolutely have the right to do that no matter what anyone rather says."