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The International business Center just west the the Salt Lake Airport to be nearly brand-new when KSTU started broadcasting on October 9, 1978. It to be Utah’s very first independent station. And, for those of you who remember, it was the just station top top that other UHF dial at Channel 20.Programming in those early on days graduated from local productions prefer Lighthouse 20 & Close-up to several of the bigger surname in syndication such together Star Trek: The next Generation and Cheers, launching KSTU to among the optimal 10 independents in the country.Eventually, Channel 20 had actually the possibility to join the other regional stations top top the VHF dial in ~ the last easily accessible channel (13). The promo campaign became “Lucky 13” through a Basset Hound because that a mascot. The must have worked because it no long prior to Fox come knocking.Soon KSTU came to be a Fox affiliate with shows like 21 jump Street, Married through Children and also The Simpsons, and also being the house of the Utah Jazz, and the once little independent ended up being a true competitive force in the Salt Lake television market.Fox knew a good thing once they saw it and KSTU came to be a Fox O&O in 1989 and also is the just Salt Lake City terminal to stay affiliated through the very same network since that network’s inception.The following big challenge was tackling news in a very strong news market. KSTU launched Fox 13 News at Nine as its very first half hour newscast on new Years eve of 1990. Earlier then it would certainly be hard to imagine that it would prosper into today’s news giant with over 56 hours of news a mainly – by far, the most in the Salt Lake market.In July that 2008, KSTU and seven various other Fox owned & activate stations across the country were marketed to Oak Hill resources Partners. Their television division, local TV, has maintained a strong commitment come KSTU with significant expansions come both the facility and also news programming.In December 2013, KSTU joined Tribune company and became component of the largest merged independent broadcast group in the unified States.In September 2019, KSTU join The E.W.

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Scripps Company.Today, over 41 years after its original broadcast, a much-expanded KSTU still sit in the same place at the global Center. The far-off memory that Johnny Depp’s 21 jump Street has been changed by The masking Singer, 9-1-1, The Resident and other compelling FOX programs.The UHF and also VHF dials are long gone, however as Utahns revolve to FOX 13 on their digital huge screens, one continuous will come in decision clear: KSTU has become a true powerhouse in Utah television.