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Fox 2 St. Luigi KTVI provides complimentary access to its news broadcasts online. Yes no necessity to provide cable login credentials. Just click the screen and also you’ll acquire instant, easy access to Fox 2 St. Louis live online.

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KTVI St. Louis, MissouriUnited states Branding Fox 2 (general)Fox 2 News (newscasts)FOX2now (online) Slogan Coverage You can Count OnWeather Coverage You can Count ~ above (weather)St. Louis’ NewsroomThe Most powerful Name in regional News (all news slogans) networks Digital: 43 (UHF)(to move to 33 (UHF))Virtual: 2 (PSIP) Affiliations
Fox .2: Antenna TV .3: escape
Analog: 54 (UHF, 1953–1955) 36 (UHF, 1955–1957) 2 (VHF, 1957–2009)
previous affiliations CBS (1953–1954)ABC (1953–1995; second until 1954)DuMont (secondary, 1953–1955) Transmitter strength 1000 kW823 kW (CP) height 337 m (1,106 ft)336 m (1,102 ft) (CP) facility ID 35693 Transmitter coordinates 38°32′7″N 90°22′23″W / 38.53528°N 90.37306°W / 38.53528; -90.37306Coordinates: 38°32′7″N 90°22′23″W / 38.53528°N 90.37306°W / 38.53528; -90.3730638°32′6.8″N 90°22′22.5″W / 38.535222°N 90.372917°W / 38.535222; -90.372917 (CP) licensing authority FCC Public patent information: ProfileCDBS Website


Detailed Antenna Reception details For

Detailed Antenna Reception information For Fox 2

State City nation virtual Channel RF Channel reliable Radiated strength (ERP) Height over Average Terrain (HAAT) Latitude Longitude Radiation Center-above typical Sea Level (RCAMSL) Callsign MHZ Network Affiliation Nielsen DMA call Street 1 call City call State contact Zip call Phone Website added Data
1000 kW
2250 ball Drive
St. Louis
FCC Station info


Fox 2 is a TV station in St. Louis, MO. The a local news and also entertainment terminal that broadcasts the latest news, sports, and also a variety of entertain programming. In enhancement to being known as Fox 2 St louis KTVI St. Louis, it’s likewise called merely by that FCC call sign KTVI. You deserve to watch the station online via the Fox 2 live stream and also its arsenal of videos, to update regularly.

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Fox 2 is owned by Tribune transfer Company, LLC. It is an affiliate of the network Fox network. As an affiliate, St luigi KTVI often tends to emphasis its original news coverage ~ above local worries during the traditional morning, mid-day, evening and also late-night news slots. To to fill in the rest of its transfer schedule, the station airs nationwide programs listed by Fox.

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