DETROIT - She has been a staple of “The Nine” ~ above FOX 2 News morning because that years. She’s now encountering what she says is “without a doubt the most difficult illness ns have ever faced.” WJBK-TV Detroit news anchor, Maurielle Lue, is sharing her battle with COVID-19. UPDATE: Lue updates her problem from the hospital

Lue, who has actually been v FOX 2 for approximately a decade, is an Emmy Award-winning reporter. She says she began feeling an extremely sick critical weekend through chills, fever and sweating. She says today is the an initial time she even consumed in a week. A test evidenced her COVID diagnosis.

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“The first thing i noticed was, v my mask on, i couldn’t really breathe once I was walking,” Lue claimed on one Instagram Live a short time ago. “I could breathe, yet I had my mouth all the means open to acquire all the air that ns could.”

Lue claims she had actually been so cautious to avoid getting the virus and hadn’t also left her residence in the critical year until just last week.

“This has been certain terrifying. I have not left this house in a year. That is a true story. Last Thursday, my lease to be up and also I checked out a automobile dealership. Then on Friday, for the very first time, i met my friends out for drinks in Birmingham. That’s it. The various other thing is a food delivery. That was among those things.”

Lue states she has barely been able to walk in the critical week and has had actually trouble even sitting up. While speak on Instagram Live today, Lue had actually to talk slowly and also pause many times to catch her breath.

“Today is the an initial day i have eaten anything in a complete week. I wasn’t doing the on purpose. I just couldn’t breathe sufficient to chew.”

Lue states she has actually been making use of inhalers and also breathing equipments at home and also says they have been rather helpful.

“These have been my saving grace. So plenty of times, I’ve type of felt like, this is it. It’s that scary. My worry now is the breathing. I literally can not breathe and also I didn’t intend this. And the sneeze spells are unbelievable. Friend literally can’t capture a breath while you cough.”

Lue claims she has received a most advice from civilization who have additionally battled COVID. She claims sleeping on she stomach rather of on her ago has assisted her. She additionally says battling this alone has been just one of the most challenging parts.

“I additionally want to talk about the psychological component. For me, that actually has been the hardest part. When you’re house alone and you don’t understand what symptoms space normal and what’s not and there’s no real help on the internet, that’s terrifying.”

Lue states she hasn’t watched her FOX 2 “The Nine” co-anchors, Ryan Ermanni and also Deena Centofanti in human being since about last August. She wishes to go back to the morning show, i beg your pardon she anchors native home, once she recovers and says she will proceed to try and upgrade her problem on she Instagram Page.

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