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Clarice Tinsley is an American broadcast Journalist. Currently, she is offer at Fox 4 where she join in 1978. If here, she anchors 10 o’clock news. Clarice is the longest-serving news anchor in the Dallas / fort Worth Television sector as that 2012. Before serving at Fox 4, she had actually served 3 years in ~ WITI TV 6 based in Milwaukee. If here, her function included gift a news reporter, news anchor, and hosting a monthly ar affairs show.

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Additionally, she has actually made appearances together a news anchor in miscellaneous Dallas-based TV productions prefer Prison Break, Walker, Dallas, Texas Ranger, and also The an excellent Guys. Clarice was identified with the Director’s community Leadership compensation from the FBI in 2007. She likewise earned Fox 4 both an Alfred I. DuPont-Columbia university Award because that investigative journalism and also a Peabody Award for her job-related on A contact For aid which is one investigative series on difficulties with the Dallas 911 Emergency System.

Clarice Tinsley Age

She to be born on December 31, 1953, in Detroit, Michigan, unified States. Clarice is 67 year old.

Clarice Tinsley Height

She is a mrs of quite a high stature. Clarice stands in ~ a elevation of 5 ft 7 in ( Approx 1.7m).

Clarice’s Photo

Clarice Tinsley Family

She to be born to her father, Clarence, and mother, Janet in the States. However, she go share an ext information about her parents. There, ours resources might not find details concerning their ages, occupation, or whether she has any siblings.

Clarice Tinsley Husband | Stephen Giles

She is a married woman. Clarice bound the knot through the love of she life, Stephen Giles top top April 18, 1987. Stephen is a cyclist that rode the Gran Fondo. He is also an executive, management Producer in ~ UnRestricted Acces. Together a couple, they room blessed through children.

Clarice Tinsley Children

She is a proud mommy to her children. However, she does not share with the public about her children and likes because that them to live a private life. Hence, we shall update this section as soon as feasible once viewed in the public eye.

Clarice Tinsley Education

She attended her high institution at Beaubien junior High School and also C. Mumford High School. Later, she advanced her studies at Wayne State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s level in Radio, Film, and Television.

Clarice Tinsley Dallas

She joined the Fox 4-TV News team in November 1978 to anchor the ten o’clock news. Fox 4 is a Fox-owned and operated television terminal licensed to Dallas, Texas, in the States, the 6 o’clock news was included to her occupational duties. Clarice has won three several awards including the Director’s ar Leadership Award that she received from the FBI in 2007, a 1980 Alfred I. DuPont-Columbia university Award because that Investigative Journalism.

She likewise received a Peabody compensation in 1984 for her job on one investigative report series, A speak to For Help, that showcased the difficulties with Dallas’s 911 Emergency System. Before serving at Fox 4-TV, Clarice likewise served in ~ WITI-TV, whereby she started her career in journalism based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1975. When here, she offered as a general assistant reporter and also later advocated to co-anchor of the weekday noon news.

Some the Clarice’s other colleagues at FOX 4 include:

Evan andrew – Meteorologist

Loren Halifax – Anchor

Michelle Bogowith – Meteorologist

Abby Eden – Anchor

Steve Noviello – Anchor

Dan Godwin – Anchor

Clarice Tinsley Hometown Heroes

She airs Hometown Heroes top top Fox 4 News showcasing the human being that are entirely making a difference in their communities. Clarice it s okay an opportunity to interview them, listen their component of the story, and also is delighted to share the on Television.

Clarice Tinsley Retiring

Despite she long business in the journalism ar industry, Clarice has proclaimed that she has no plans to retire.

Clarice Tinsley House

Our resources think that she resides in a huge, expensive, well-designed, and also decorated house enough for her and her household at large.

Clarice’s Salary

She generates she monthly earnings as one anchor in ~ Fox 4-TV. Clarice has an average salary the $70,547.

Clarice’s net Worth

She has actually accumulated good fortune end the years through her journalism career. Online sources estimate Clarice’s net worth to it is in $875,689.

Is Clarice Tinsley Married

Yes. Clarice is a proud spouse to her loving and also caring husband, Stephen Giles.

What Is Clarice Tinsley network Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $875,689 through she journalism job that has done for this reason well for her.

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How Old Is Clarice Tinsley

67 years old. She celebrates her birthday on 31st December of every year. Hence, Clarice was born on December 13, 1953, in Detroit, Michigan, in the United says of America.